Mixing Pills?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Broosh, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. With college starting, I'm going to start taking aderall again [not prescribed], and only when I need to. But my question is:

    could i mix adderall and seroquil?

    bc i don't like staying up all the time on adderall, and seroquil makes you sleep. so could i take some adderall, and then jsut pop a few squil's to fall asleep?
  2. I don't think mixing an upper and a downer is too smart. As long as you don't take ridiculous amounts you should be perfectly fine, though.
  3. ive used seroquel to come down off uppers...pop 100-200mg, puts you right out. never noticed a negative reaction aside from the shitty way you feel the day after you take seroquel, but i feel that way anytime i take seroquel. benzos are better to end a comedown though, much less impairment the day after.
  4. Heath says go for it

  5. his drug cocktail is a little different than taking a seroquel to fall asleep after adderall...he overloaded his system with depressants. i dont think your gonna die mixing amphetamine with an atypical antipyschotic.
  6. Hey man, just think how much money he had access to, to do those drugs. He had to be using huge amounts; they never released the amounts of the drugs he used, just named them. :(
  7. ahahahha
  8. do u think i would be ok mixing 20mg of oxy and 4mg of xannx?
  9. Should be fine if you have a good tolerance to xanax. If not.. I wouldn't do it. I've seen people pretty fucked up off of 2 mg of xanny,
  10. that combination can kill you easily and you won't even see it coming.
  11. too much xanax...take 1mg at most unless your really tolerant to benzos, the combination potentiates eachother i think with 4mg of xanax youd be knocked right out.

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