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    as the title suggest I'm trying to figure out a proper balance of nutrients, I have the fox farms nutrient trio and GH mal-mag and kool bloom power

    now kool bloom is (2-45-28) to for farms cha-ching with (9-50-10)

    after some math with 1/2 strength trio + 1/4 strength cha-ching (with respect to suggested dose) that leaves me around a 1 - 2.13 - 2.25 ratio N-P-K,
    however it seems that 1-3-2 is the best ratio, so what I have been doing is

    1.5tsp TigerBloom (2-8-4)
    2 tsp Cal-Mag (1-0-0)
    1/8 tsp Kool-bloom (2-45-28)
    1/2 Tablespoon unsulfured blackstrap molasses (0-.01-6.11 (if you where to think of a Tbsp as a tsp of normal nutes) a surprising amount of K in molasses eh?)

    which on top of all the other micro-nutrient(secondary w/e) leaves me at approximately a 1-3.2-2.5 N-P-K ratio what do you guys think?

    *for my calculation i calculate gr/ml - say fox farms has 907g per 946ml =.95877....g/mL * 5ml(mL/tsp) = 4.794g/tsp then if you have a 2-8-4 thats 2% =.02 * 4.494 = .0959g, I then proceed to add the absolute amounbt of each nutrient together then redivide the toal by the mass per tsp to get the reslulting conncentration of all the nutes as if it where condensed into a single teaspoon, I then take the amount of N use that as a base and divide P and K by N's %, to get the resultant proportional weights or 1 - 3.2 - 2.5

  2. doesn't the label state what ratio mix it should be? This is why I prefer single bottle nutes, you know you can't get it wrong as the manufacturer has done the research for us already
  3. it does however A i dont have cha-ching I have kool bloom so that would make for a different ratio than they recommend already, plus the cal mag would raise my N higher and my leave are pretty dark green for week 6 flower, so I'm thinking changing around what they recommend, as I'm also working with molasses for instance by using tigerbloom instead of grow big and adding aequal part cal-mag I replace all the lost nitrogen by not using grow big, then by adding molasses I add the K that tigerbloom is lower than grow big on, then I also get a bunch of P
  4. Cool, I use this


    I use it's for hydro and soil, it's got everything the plants need in the proper proportions

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