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  1. I am running a DWC system and am using the General Hydroponics, three-part, Flora Series nutrients. I was getting root rot problems and was controlling it with hydrogen peroxide. I think that the hydrogen peroxide does something bad to the nutrients, and because of this, am now using Dutch Master ZONE, mixing it with the Flora Series nutrients. The roots look O.K. and may be a little dyed by the Flora Series nutrients. My question is... Can Dutch Master ZONE be used with the General Hydroponics, three-part, Flora Series nutrients or are these not to be mixed together? Thanks.
  2. You should be just fine I mix brands all the time but don't use similar products from different brands. 2 additives meant for increasing root growth wouldn't be good (you would most likely be hitting them with double what they want of something). But only running base nutrients adding that would be just fine. I would suggest house and gardens root excelurator if you have more money next time.
  3. Dear Yoctown,
    I actually have a whole bottle of House & Garden's Roots Excelurator. And I heard that it isn't good to use Roots Excelurator if you are running an air stone in the reservoir. With me, I have a DWC system with a pretty powerful air pump... which means that the nutrient solution is moving allot/very turbulant. Do you and/or anyone else know about the two General Hydroponic, Sub-Culture products? I was thinking about using them in my DWC system but the hydro clerk told me that it was for soil and wouldn't work in a DWC system.
    Thank you Yoctown for your input.
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    Cant say i do know about those. I have used what i believe to be a similar product in my hydro set up before. Check out plant success. It's just some benificial bacteria. (not good in drip systems if you are worried about clogs i hear) As for GH version i can't tell you if its hydro safe since the active ingredient seems to vary slightly for the subculture-m.

    The guy at the bottom of Products To Create Your Own Forest Floor | GrowGH Blog says he uses it with his ebb under comments. Though I suggest you find others using it before you go and make the switch.

    Edit: also read about the problem with the root excelurator. It seems people are mixing the wrong products with it to cause problems. At least that's all I could get from what I read. The stuff is good if you are able to dial it in without causing problems.
  5. Thanks yoctown.
  6. It's been a long time since I have added to this thread. I have been using Dutch Master ZONE with the GH 3-part, FloraSeries, for a while now. The plants have been growing, so mixing these two products must be O.K. I wanted to increase the quality of my plants and the hydro guy gave me some Botanicare, (or Organicare) SEAPLEX. It is a cold-pressed, seaweed or seakelp product. Does anyone know if seaweed products can be mixed with Dutch Master ZONE without any problems?

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