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mixing mint power/mint leaves with bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by InsaneToker, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. so i always gut dutchmasters honeysport blunts and use those to smoke my bud, but the other day i was high and i was wondering if any1 has tried either taking mint leafs(the one u cook with) or grinded up mint powder and sprinkled it into ur blunt/joint...if any1 has done it, does it add any sort of minty flavor? if no1 has done it, u think it would be bad to try it?
  2. That would pretty sweet if it did. Do you know of anything at all that does that though?
  3. well the closest i could think of is mint powder because its dry, and u can eat it lol...only other thing i can think of is grinding up chewing up and sprinkling it into the blunt
  4. ok i did a bit of research, u can smoke mint leaves and quite a few ppl add it into their joints and blunts :) gonna have to try this out hehe
  5. Never added leaves to a blunt or anything, but i have defs added very strong mint extract to the bong when im sick or congested...fuckin works like a epic
  6. I smoked weed with spearmint tea leaves mixed in one time (we do stupid shit sometimes, dont we?). tasted like ass man. The mint want soothing at all. it irritated my throat.

    I would compare it to opening a fresh pack of mint gum and sniffing the shit out of it, it burns your nose.
  7. I have done this before, my experience was opposite the other guy. It was in a blunt and it made it so smooth I couldn't tell I was smoking so I would always take huge hits and cough because I didn't know I'd inhaled so much smoke. I recommend it. Maybe mine was better because we used extract?

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