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Mixing hydromorphone & mdma?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Squishey, May 30, 2009.

  1. Partay. Getting 9mg of hydromorphone (havent done opies in a month) and probally 2 gel caps of mdma, maybe .18 or .2

    Is it a good idea? anyone done it before?
  2. I wouldn't mix them. I would rather use one and then the other to save the great highs. Plus i hate ups and downs mixed, makes me feel shitty
  3. if you have never had experience with both on their own, i suggest you do the hydromorphone on the come down of that mdma. i have done pure molly with my regular dose of hydromorphone and its fun but it takes a bit off the roll, so doing opis on the tail end makes the mdma comma such a great noddy feeling. opiates make everything better :D swerve safe mann

    2mg, 4mg, 8mg. are normal us doses, are you mixing to get 9 or do you have some gel caps from a compounding/canadian pharma??
  4. 3mg XR canadian pills :)
  5. make sure you snort those hydromorphones... anything else is a waste.
  6. Yup yup :)

    50mg of morphine plugged wasnt impressive either, no tolernce. Do i have a natural one? =0, im only 150pounds.
  7. I think you must if 6 mg didn't have you nodding, and if that plugged morphine didn't either.
    Mixing E and Opiates is FUCKING AMAZING, albeit bad for you.
  8. I'm starting to doubt the potency of hydromorphone. People say 2mg makes you feel good, whenever I took hydro it took like 10mg to feel the equivalent of a strong indica bud.

    But one things for sure, mixing a strong downer like Dilly with a strong upper like MDMA sounds like an epic experience.
  9. Maybe it doesn't work for some people? 4 had me feeling amazing with no tolerance.

    How'd you take it mikey? Eating is a complete waste.
  10. The first time I tried it I swallowed 16mg, felt very mild effects, later found out I wasted it by swallowing. Second time I snorted 10mg, and felt very opiatey but it still wasn't that strong, left much to be desired.
  11. You should of been nodding your ass off
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    ROA is a big factor when talking about hydromorphone, very low oral/rectal bio availability, so your left with snorting or iv'ing. iv being twice as strong as snorting imo, but it leaves that question of do i really want to stick my veins...? im rx'd hm i prefer snorting them, i have iv'd them but its not something i can do everyday but blowin them is fun but its really short lived

    Squishey those have the balls in it right, its not a pure powder in the capsule. how does that xr work, does it even last 12hrs? do they work as good as other ER meds that you have taken?
  13. the 3mg's are green with little HARD white balls in em :p
  14. Just get the beads out next time, then crush and snort.
  15. enema that shit man!
    you'll be noddin hard off like half that much
    unless you're into shake n bakin
  16. You mean plug? Isnt enema like up the ass with a tube
  17. technically a speed ball..could be dangerous ive never done it before though so idk
  18. i was about to say....

    if you're into that stuff but it's dangerous so i wouldn't dose what you dose when you take them seperately.

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