mixing alcohol with weed.

Discussion in 'General' started by HelloFriend, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. So im pretty drunk atm, I drank like 3 drinks of cola mixed with 43 % rum... my head feels kinda fat.... But my buddy will arrive to my place soon, like in one hour and he will bring some stuff to smoke, I havent smoked anything for 4 days... Im just wondering is it safe to smoke if im kinda drunk.... or what should I do... cause yeah it would be nice to smoke.... maybe I just should sleep for one hour?
  2. I remember my first time getting CRUNK....

    wait, no I don't!

    I never drink w.o smoking. You fine as long as you ain't a pussy :)
  3. Well I have one bad experience with mixing alcohol with weed from the past... when I was 15 , I did it and I finally kinda freaked out, but it was my first time ever to smoke weed aswell so yeah... dont know.... (im 21 now)
  4. Why wouldn't it be okay to smoke? Getting cross faded is a very pleasant experience just don't over do it and end up with the spins.

  5. oh yeah I hate the spins..... but thanks man.
  6. Me too, have fun man
  7. I usually smoke first, then drink. You can't get too high, but you can get too drink. Smoking first helps me pace my drinking so I don't get crazy.
  8. I'd say just rest your head for now (take a nap or something) and then don't drink for a while.

    In my experience, smoking only really helps with nausea, unless you are smoking extreme amounts, unusual methods, or are not drinking enough water during the sesh.

    Just listen to your body and take it slower than normal. I'm sure you'll be good.
  9. I mixed the two the other night and got completely fucked! I was at a party and I spent about half an hour vomiting into the toilet before passing out for an hour. The weed helped me feel better though once I woke up.
  10. Just stop drinking now, since you're going to switch to pot.

    I fucking hate drinking and smoking at the same time... it sucks.
    I just don't really like drinking in general, i'd rather smoke :smoke:

    Drink some water, you'll be fine :D
  11. Speak for yourself I love that shit.

  12. I did speak for myself actually, I didn't say ''everyone here hates crossfading MURRRRRR''.

    But really, even when you get the spins? :confused:
  13. I smoke every single time I drink. You'll be fine buddy.

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