Mixed questions, scrog question..and more

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by dk6969, May 25, 2006.

  1. I havent been visiting this site much lately so i have a few questions i recently germenated
    3 white rhino seeds,
    2 blueberry x honey pot(really good starin),
    2 shiva shanti x yzermen(easy to gorw strain)

    I also have a dutch treat clone and today i got 2 northern lights plants which r ready to be switched over to 12/12 they r abut 3 feet tall, they wree ready to switch a couple weeks ago.

    My questions are:

    Could i scrog one of these plants or is it too late?

    Would a 150w HPS be too weak, i could get stronger but i already have this?

    Is it too late to start a grow in a greenhouse with my seedlings hopin a few r female?

    Would temperatures low as 5C hurt the plant?
  2. :wave: scrog under a 150 is about all you should be doing...

    if you go look at yer 150, on, light intensity rapidly diminishes after 18-20 inches from the bulb.. wich dosent leave you much room to play,.

    The wonderfull thing about 150's is that you can get a plant almost on that light without much heat issue.

    I would have scrogged a while ago, but you still might manage something, bend the branches prior to watering as the tissues will be more pliable and yer less likely to snap them..
    Tieing Down would also be a good (mabey yer best) bet at this point..

    good grows. peace, bub

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