Mixed led grow.

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    Hello, I had a log on another place but it really wasn't a good fit for me. So I will try t keep a log here for any one interested.

    2.5x12ish dyi cab stealth, panda 6m film. (Currently 2.5x5 working to extend to 5.8 to test the effects of both lights.)
    70 pint humidifier (auto drain)
    Indoor standing A/C.
    6 inch ipower fan and filter.
    Blue Lab Guardian.

    Six 2 gallon ebb and flow hydrogen pebbles.
    Scrog/gorilla (height isn't the biggest issue)
    Super crop
    55 res keep around 30.
    Ph Veg 5.5-5.7
    Ph Flower 5.8-6.0
    RH 35-50%

    2x California 440w. Kept 25-30 inches during veg. 20-23 during flower.
    Amare Solar Eclipse 450 (coming soon they are back ordered.)

    White Shark.
    Hydroponics line:
    Rapid root
    Amor Si
    Flora Trio

    Seeds: www.marijuana-seeds.nl
    4x THC Bomb
    2x The Cheese (made a mistake. It's there cheese strain from that site. Blue buckets)

    The ages are not all the same. I had issues with being in a new spot, but they will be near the same mature when I goto flower.

    During flower I will add Kool Bloom liquid and Cool Bloom powder near the end.

    Started with autos and soil. Moved to coco, and now learning Hydro. I am no pro. If you see something I don't you can let me know I don't mind.

    About the grow:
    This can be the boring part for any one who cares to read. I have an issue with my lights. They are under warranty and CLW are good about their warranties from what I read. I want to have them fixed before this goes into flower.

    I love my CLW they been really good to me but I know that led has changed. I wanted to see the effects of cob lights. But I also feel that having multi spectrum is needed. I shopped around for a while for LED's and almost went with a few others. But in the end after talking with the owner of Amare for a few days I decided that I wanted to try the Amare. They also (like most I am sure) have a 420 sale going on so that helped my choice as well.

    I know this is a lot of light in a small spot, I will get a lux meter later to get better readings. Not sure how well the phone one does. I will try to do a more control grow after this one. I will also do some review on the CLWs I have some meters coming in to check the amps, draw, and costs to run every thing. I think that people would be interested in seeing this.

    Since Amare is currently on back order I will be in extra long veg as I do want to use all the lights together. I am looking at an easy 2-3 more weeks before I have all my lights again. So I will not bomb this thread too much with veg pics. But you may be interested that I will need to veg with the Amare for a week or more. So I will be able to see how the growth has changed. I will also try to put two of the Thc bombs that are near the same in bushy and see how this goes. Note, one was a mutant that fully recovered and has been trained.

    My cherry pie also had a mutant, but is recovering. I have been doing folier feeds to the smaller ones to try and get them to catch up.

    It is worth noting that I was building around these ladies, so small gap moving between them not easy. I lost two main heads. One on a Thc bomb and once on the cherry pie.

    So this should set me at total of 1180 watts of led. Not that watts are too important when it comes to led.

    I have to veg for longer so no need to show older pictures.

    Six weeks from seed.

    Current lights
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  2. I had some N toxic, explains a few thing so lesson learned. Leaves very dark green. Talon or claw on some bigger leaves. I defiantly noticed weaker stems, but that is due to the N toxic. Added a few pics in case any one has the issue.

    I did a res change and told down my nutes. I am seeing better growth already. Good to fix now before going into flower, now plants can get stronger.

    You'll notice in a pic, I am showing a thc bomb that had its top popped off. Result of building around them, but her joints got swelled up, and they did break during veg some of them, but that's due to the N toxic. But most of my joints now look like this. They seem stronger already, I wonder how this will relate when it does goto flowering.

    N Toxic: talon/claw

    Weak/swelled joints:


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    I put the net down. Height isn't the biggest issue I am more wanting to get even canopy. Still waiting for new light so I won't be flipping for a while. I have done a ton of cleaning of them and pruning. I want them to start growing up more, we will see.

    I will state that the Thc bombs love to be trained and pruned. They look the same the very not day.


    Super crop stem
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  4. Redid my res tank. I added more or less the rest of the GH line. I also added ful-power. I think that stuff is amazing so far heh, I was using great white before I really had no foam. With ful-power lots of foam heh. Also I emailed bioag a few questions they responded right away. I also email great what a while back, never got a reply.

    I been training them pretty hard and plucking them. So been able to keep around 14 inches tall. I now put the screen down letting heads through so I can start to space and train. Then I will do a lot more defoiling. I am going to push theses ladies pretty hard and will need to clear a ton of shoots to avoid over crowding. So far these bombs love it.



    I have an IR gun now, my canopy gets to 78f when air temp is 84.

    I also added one auto a steel city. I will keep it in the small cup, just something for fun.
  5. So if my air temp is 85F but my canopy top is 77 is that ok?
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    Yep, I have had no heat stress and I notice good growth going on as well.

    Hps puts out a lot more heat and heats the canopy. So with air temp of 76-79 with hps the canopy is around there as well. Every thing I read about it says it's better for it. You have an IR gun?

    How to Grow Cannabis with LEDs | LED Grow Lights Depot

    Few other places I have seen it.
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  7. Yup I got a FLIR 1 cam haha
    the air temp is usually around 80
    while the plant temp is 73
  8. I'm jelly :( can you take a pic with it air temp 80 and another 85? I wanted one of them but I couldn't justify spending that much on that lol. I got mine for 17$.
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  9. [​IMG][​IMG] here's one with me targeting the air temperature back wall at 81. Then the next pick is me targeting the canopy. It's a neat little tool ^_^ [​IMG]

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  10. Ah I thought it was in color. Still much cooler than mine. I am happy I don't have one I prob go around every were with it.

    You have a fan running at all? I'm able to get room to 85 to get that canopy to 78, maybe because we have different lights.
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  11. Ya Im running my Apollo in line fan when the lights are on, it turns off with the lights. And the flir cam has different modes I just prefer the black and white (easier to identify the heat signatures)

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  12. I mean oscillating fan.

    Nice, wish I had one but I be using it on every thing... haha. Really neat.
  13. Oh ya I got a lil blizzard fan. I just switched it out because the in line has more suction.
    And it's a really neat tool. I initially bought it to see if I have any heat leaks from my house.
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  14. My light has been shipped :) been training these ladies but I'm going to flip when it gets here.


    I got it so the other 3 ladies are just about caught up with my other 3. Since they had like a 2 week head start.
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  15. Bro nice! My lights come in today or tomorrow. I only have 1 plant that's ready for the lights, so I'm envious of you and your crop

  16. Pff mine comes in a week :(. Not don't be things been vegged for like 8-9 weeks and been through a lot hehe. I been defoiling like crazy it does slow the growth no doubt. but they are like 14 inches from the rim.

    Thanks though :) I am hoping they double in size but going to be a lot of work. You going to use the 450 to flower 1 plant?
  17. Nah bro gonna keep vegging with the 450 I'll keep the seedlings under the t5's for few more days.
    Ok so this is what happened. My lights were delivered at 6 am to the post office... UPS does not deliver packages to the post office so they rerouted it to an old address from the post office, which so happens to be my dads ex wife's country home in bum fuck nowhere. So basically my lights are an hour outside of town + nobody is home. She signed for them and is at work rn...
    on the bright side I passed a radiography test? LOL
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  18. They open them? Man the other day I told you about Amazon. Well FedEx ended giving all my GH nutes to her work. Who was nice enough to open it. I really hope that driver gets fired tbh. Doesnt even have that address on it so fucked up.

    I looked up that test I am still not sure what that text is?
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  19. Oh it's a test for welding engineers and shit to work with gamma rays lol, and dude check this out I literally flipped shit on UPS for sending it out there and it was my dads ex wife's grandsons gf that accepted the package, I tracked her down and call her apparently she was at work (Walmart) anyways I call her up and I'm polite as I can be "hey blah blah I have some machine parts that were accidentally delivered to your home about 40lbs"
    And she hangs up on me. Well I got a knack for sniffing out bullshit when it comes up.
    I spend another 3 hours with UPS trying to track my 1200 dollar package down.
    They're swearing up and down the package was delivered to a woman at that address. I finally just drive my ass out to the country and knock on the door her old man answers it and gives me the package not knowing what's happening. He's chill af and tells me his gf must of accepted it....
    I was like this lying cunt made me chase ghosts for hours...

    Anyways got the lights will be setting up a stand for them tomorrow haha
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