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Mixed drink suggestions

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by mushroomsatsuji, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. My friends 21st birthday is tomorrow and shes not much of a drinker so what are some good combos that dont burn going down as much? Im planning to bring some vodka, jager, captain morgan, jack danials...
  2. I really like Mango or Strawberry Daiquiris....For each drink, crush some ice up in the blender if possible. Then add a couple of shots per person, chopped mango or strawberries, lime juice, and perhaps a dash of sugar....these are really good and go down smoothly. It's a very typical summertime drink!
  3. I don't drink often, but if I go out I usually have a Corna with a lime or a Vodka Red Bull with grenadine. I do drink wine on occassion...A nice smooth merlot is nice. Try a Top Shelf Margarita with salt on the rim...goes well with chips and salsa. :D
  4. Rum and coke most def. Or those fizzy flavor water they have at Safeway and other makets. Or Rum and fresca. Jager is best for shots since its so easy to drink.
  5. this. can't go wrong with jack and coke, captain morgan works also. :smoking:

    if she can handle shots, just put the liquor in the freezer for a while..takes the burn right off.
  6. Turns out, she already had tons of shit plus a bartending book. My head hurts so I guess it was a good night
  7. Chuck in some red bull or other good tasting energy drinks, if you're avoiding burns getting high on caffiene and progressively drunker is just a fantastic way to be hahaha.
  8. white russian..... vodka, kahlua, 1/2 and 1/2 (or milk)
  9. I don't drink any longer, but when I did I would drink Vodka Red Bull with Grenadine floated on top. Yummy. :love:
    OR...TOP SHELF (Must be Top Shelf) Margarita, on the rocks, (Doesn't come any other way) salt on the rim, and a lime..."Gran Marnier on the side please...."

    When I was just chillin' at home, or out to a nice dinner, I would drink wine...More specifically; Merlot. I do not miss the "Next Day Headache" that comes along with drinking wine the evening before!

  10. Bloody Mary's kick ass, but a lot of girls don't like them. If you're just trying to hide the alcohol, the classic screwdriver is always an option, a decent mix of orange juice and vodka will get the job done. As far as jager is concerned, I prefer to sip mine on the rocks, but the ladies usually don't go for that.

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