Mix n' match bong stuck

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  1. So i have a gear mix n' match bong. basically it just a few peices that fit together with glass on glass fittings. Sometime though, they stick pretty bad and it takes me a couple minutes to get it apart. Anyone have this issue before? I keep it clean so it's not because it's dirty. Thanks for the help
  2. Its due to moisture when you clean your piece. You probably clean it than stick them back together and smoke. Bad idea! What you should do is after cleaning use vasoline or carmex on all joints even your slide. It will make it easier to pull and keeps moisture off the joints. I actually learned this after breaking a piece trying to get them apart. Hope this helps.
  3. This always happened to me before I began cleaning glass daily... Resin build up with combo of moisture in my experience.
  4. Yea I second that as well. Clean your pieces at least every other day if your a daily toker.
  5. If its wet it'll stick together ....... Now I gotta dry my ash catcher when I add water cause then the bowl will stick
  6. Thanks guys

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