Mitt Romney wants to legalize marijuana!

Discussion in 'General' started by AmsterdamAlex, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. A buddy of mine is pals with Mitt Romney and says that although he hasn't said it publicy, if elected Mitt Romney plans to legalize marijuana!
  2. I call bullshit..

  3. I shit you not!
  4. ok, would you believe it if I told you, with no pictures or anything to believe it?
  5. A buddy of yours is pals with Mitt Romney? Right... and just cause you're the president doesn't mean you can all of the sudden magically legalize marijuana all over the country. Mitt Romney's not going to get elected anyway.

  6. uhhh, yeah it does. It's not magic either..

  7. I Am Mitt Romney Bitch, Don't Spread Rumors About Me
  8. Mitt Romney smokes an ounce a week!
  9. here are a couple quotes:

    Gov. Romney disagreed, saying, “I have spoken with doctors and researchers, and the medical marijuana effort is an effort to try and legalize marijuana in this country, and it’s a mistake in my opinion to go in the direction of opening up the nation to medical marijuana. The scourge of drugs has a huge cost on our society and our children. I am not in favor of medical marijuana. Other pain relievers are available in this country and I support the use of those other pain relievers. And synthetic marijuana, with the elements that are essential, is available.”

    During a July 25 town hall meeting in Bedford, he touched briefly on medical marijuana, saying, "People talk about medicinal marijuana. And you know, you hear that story that people who are sick need medicinal marijuana. But marijuana is the entry drug for people trying to get kids hooked on drugs. I don't want medicinal marijuana; there are synthetic forms of marijuana that are available for people who need it for prescription. Don't open the doorway to medicinal marijuana."
  10. even if Mitt Romney wants to legalize weed, he is still a little bitch.


  11. watch out man, lying makes your dick small..

  12. Mitt Romney says things like that publicly to draw attention away from the fact that he smokes like a chimney!
  13. Leave my dick out of this!
  14. please put some proof before you say anything else.

  15. Mitt Romney is too religious, family "values", and as shown in Blitz's post, a complete fucking idiot.
  16. I'm posting a response to a troll! :D
  17. The president can't just pass laws all by himself. He's the head of the executive branch, not legislative. Even if he did try to introduce the bill, it would have to be approved by congress first, meaning a majority vote. Sure he has a lot of influence, but a lot of other people's minds are going to have to be changed also.
  18. You do realize Mitt Romney is a MORMON, right? He's not legalizing jack squat...
  19. Well that's good and all...

    but theres no way to know for sure

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