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  1. so i was awkwardly surprised to find out some clones a friend planted in the woods actually took root and budded quite nicely
    seeing as they grew to what they were with no help i decided to continue leaving them alone and gave them two more weeks outside.
    i pulled them up today and now that i have them at my house im seeing a good bit of mites. i know they havnt been on the plant long though because its very healthy looking.
    since most of you seem to know a good bit more than me about growing maybe someone could help me get rid of them?
  2. I am assuming you are talking about the black spider mites.

    Moisten a sponge with clean water, and wipe down each leaf infected.

    They like dry leaves says HT, so whenever you have time, wipe them down with the sponge very lightly so you do not break them. They should be shiny after you wipe the leaves down.

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