Mites in bubbler!!!!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by reefer101, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Hey all, I have a Royal Kush thats 2 weeks into 12/12. She is in a 5 gallon Deep Water Culture (DWC) bubbler and she is doing G-R-E-A-T! But . . . I noticed little white dots in the water/nutrients this morning. I took one out and looked at it under my old microscope and it is a MITE!!!!!:eek: in the nutrients? Is this a problem? I checked the plant and her leaves and could not find any mites or any signs of mites outside of the water. Has anyone heard of these before?

    I have been dosing SM90 almost the entire life of the plant, but I think it may have soaked all of it up since my last nute change, which I do weekly. I check/adjust the pH of the nute solution everyday and every day she drinks a Litre of water a day! What should I do? The mites are brown in color and, from what I could tell, had no patterns or markings on them. I am nervous about this bcuz this is my first plant that until now, has had no growth issuses and is doing incredibly well. Please help:eek:
  2. Next time you drain the res, spray the entire plant with neem oil; underside and topside of leaves, stems, everything.
  3. roots too? Thats the only place I have seen them so far ...
  4. Shit well that will be tough to get the roots. I have never tried that before. I actually grow in soil so what I would do is spray the soil then pour the rest in the soil. Try spraying the roots on just one plant in case there is an adverse effect you won't kill the whole crop.
  5. Well I decided I am not going to do anything about them. They have caused no noticeable damage or ill affects to my plant. They look a little more like ticks after a closer look. They have very large abdomens compared to the rest of them.

    My Royal Kush is doing awesome even with those little bugs in there, she is a month into 12/12 and has stopped growing vertically and the bud sites are beggining to swell.
  6. Try adding a little hydrogen peroxide to your nutes. Its good for the plant and bugs dont like it much. Try a tsp per gallon.

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