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Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by tetrahydrocanna, Jul 13, 2004.

  1. hows it........i just wonderd what peoples thoughts where aboute misting........

    i heavaly mist all the time even in flowering as my grow room is so dry.....no chance of mould for me.....i think the plants love it i just wonderd what other growers thought....

    laters jay
  2. Veg only for me my friend .

    Damn buds get too big and mold gets in if l mist in flower.
  3. yea man, i only mist during veg, an open container of water normally helps with humidity issues
  4. yeh..also can create hot spots if you have a high power HPS beaming down on them whne misting.
  5. i thought thats what people would say.....ive got a bucket of water and a wet towel hanging in my grow area to try and boost humidity.......hot spots.....never thought of that.....i can mist and in an hour its dried from the girls.....

    i just thought that we go to all this trouble to create the right conditions for our plants to grow but it seems nobody likes to mist after veg.......when there out side they get rain...
  6. I mist quite frequently, I don't know if it makes that big of a difference, but it keeps me from over watering and I feel like I'm making a difference... what about adding fertilizers to your misting? I did it to two of my plants. It didn't seem to affect my one at all, while the other one seems to be burning.
  7. When I grew indoors in texas I used a small humidifier in my flowering room, I had it so the mist went directly in front of a large intake fan. I had tons of airflow and never saw any mold, the summers and some of the winter months here are extremely dry too though.

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