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  1. This story is actually sort of funny.

    I was living in my moms old house with a friend cause she was in the hospital
    While we were living there we were saving up money to move out of that place before my mother came back
    So after about 2 months we had about 1800 but it was just enough to get by
    A few days later we see a dog without a collar, a small terrier mix

    So i had an idea and it worked perfectly, we grabbed the dog put it in our house gave it food and water then kept it a few days.

    Later on we see 1000$ reward signs all across the neighborhood

    To not look suspicious we had our other dog with us called up the owners a few streets over and said we had the dog
    They started crying and stuff it was sort of depressingly funny then she hands over 1000$ in cash it was crazy awesome

    Lesson is if i ever see another dog im grabbing it for a few days lmao
  2. Dude, that's pretty awesome. It's crazy that someone would pay a 1k reward for a dog, they truly are man's best friend.

    Reminds me of the time me and my friend were at this gazeebo, we had just smoked a bowl or three. There was a missing cat poster inside of it, with a picture of the cat on it. There was a couple minutes silence, and then my friend said "dude, we need to find this cat"

    Hilarity ensued
  3. That's awesome man!
  4. sweet, you got $1000

    on the other hand, that was a pretty shady thing to do in my opinion. just remember it the next time you lose something valuable to you.

    no hate over here, by the way. it's just that you should be more aware of the immaturity of your actions.

    happy toking.

  5. yea but i gave it back only 2 days later
  6. On one hand good for you for taking in a dog running loose. on the other hand it's kinda sounds like you snatched it on purpose, and that's a shitty thing to do.
    Not only did you cause heart break but you cost a family $1000 that could have been used for something else.

    So I'm on the fence between thinking that's a jerk thing to do, or thinking that you where sweet for caring for the dog. I'm leaning to the first one.

  7. I guess it can go both ways bahaha :cool:

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