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Discussion in 'General' started by married2mj, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. does anyone else always reminisce on the past and how it was much better than the present. im always thinking about the good times, and thats all i could remember. but my current life always seems so depressing. anyone else get these feelings?
  2. yes, it often seems like that.

    but that's a sick state of mind to be in, dont get stuck in it. Gotta look forward, but live *now*
  3. The grass is always greener on the other side, isn't it? We humans can have very selective memories sometimes, only remembering the good points from a certain period in our lives.

    Maybe I'm wrong and your life really is worse now than it once was. Perhaps your golden memories are the fuel that your life needs to motivate you and drag you out of the rut your in.

    Sorry for the pep talk, obviously I don't know you but I had to post since I had almost the exact same talk with someone earlier today.

    EDIT: Are you really married to Michael Jordan?
  4. It's just called nostalgia, everyone has it. The past seems better because you're mind distorts it and normally cuts out the boring parts or parts that aren't worth or you don't want to remember.
  5. Your unconscious mind is attempting to overcome the feelings of depression by regressing to a simpler, less complicated, time in your life when you were happy and depression didn't exist.

    I too battle depression and know exactly how you feel.
  6. Yeah man. Sometimes I just want to shoot myself.


    Game Over



    Insert Coins
  7. all the time man...the thing is, your brain can not comprehend the future, or things that havent happened yet, so it reverts back to memories of good times in the past to make you feel good. i always remind myself that the future has not been preset for us and anything can happen and your entire world can change from just one action or one different step. every decision you make can change your future and you never know what could be. its exciting to think of hwat will happen next, and try to remember that the past is the past and thats why you have memories, so you can go back in time in your head, but dont forget to move on
  8. Every day.

    I miss being 14-16. Those were the best years of my life.
  9. man yeah but dwelling in the past is bad, Wake up everymorning like..."holy shit another day to Burn some trees" and shit will be better. Life is a frame of mind lol.:smoke:

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