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Discussion in 'General' started by Duckyx, May 30, 2009.

  1. Alright opened up a new pack of marb reds. and im half way smoking my cig, and i realise that the printing is printed half way up the tube. and then I pulled out another cig. and it doesnt even have a label. 1st time ive ever seen such things

  2. thats odd. Maybe a rolling/stamping mistake.
  3. youve found the rarest cigarettes in the world!! those are worth millions a piece!!!

    haha jk that is pretty interesting though
  4. omg, alert the press!
  5. When you find a cigarette with the face of Jesus on it, let us know
  6. Dude thats how they transport heroin....you just smoked a cig full of tar....happy nodding.
  7. stop smoking that pack now! contact marlboro and tell them what happend, they will send you a coupon for a free carton. do it.

  9. You really complained about a misprint on a cigarette?

    That's cool that you get a free carton though.
  10. Yeah, bahaha. Hey, carton of reds for complaining a stupid reason for 4 minutes is totally worth it, IMO!
  11. So hypothetically, if I was to complain that my box of reds had misprints, I would get a free carton?
  12. i want a free carton :devious:
  13. Haggle them far enough, yes you can.
  14. How do I complain? Someone hook me up with a number or web page please!
  15. Think of a good reason, I used like what if something was in it or someone replaced it etc. with mimic cigarettes, forgot my story (this was 4-5 years ago).

    1-800-898-2888 (I think, it was on their site)
  16. dude are u in new york?

    coz me and my boy got a few packs repeatedly that were like that from this one spot.
  17. yeah...thanks...whatre u his lawyer :p
  18. I am going to exploit the hell out of this.
  19. damn i want in, im gonna look at every cig i get from now on haha

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