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Misplacing items!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by M lbudl J, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. This is in the seasoned forum because seasoners has been smoking for a long time therefore this is bound to happen to themv

    Under my tv ive kept hidden rolling papers for over 3months. Anyways today i decided how many I had left so i picked up the tv and found 20bills just sittin there. What a fuckin lucky ass find lol someones blazin today

    I dont know if that was there before i put the rollin papers under the tv or if i was on somethin and put it there or idk and idc lol as long as i get it

    Have you guys ever lost something and found it later:smoking:
  2. Dude I misplace sooo much shit when I'm sober. When I'm blazed... I lose everything lol. It usually turns up eventually, in some too obvious place.

    2 days ago I almost took apart my whole house looking for my pack of Zigzags.
    One of my worst misplacings was a blurry day in October where I'd smoked at least 8 times (idk why...), the last time I saw my scale. I looked EVERYWHERE for it. Dorm room, girlfriends car, other friends rooms, all over the place, and I ended up deciding it was stolen. A month later, I found it when I let this kid climb up in the ceiling (where I stashed everything), to look for a bag of roaches I had. He comes down and says "isn't this the scale you used to have?" I was like WTF... it was right there where I always kept it. :cry:
  3. dude i lose my shit all the time i actually misplaced a bag of mids a few weeks ago lol thats the first time ive ever lost any weed im pretty sure haha i didnt care too much cuz it was just some decent reggies i got for free but shit losing stuff blows
  4. Ya I found a nug in a bag UNDER my bed when I came back from vacation???? Ya how did it get under there lol
  5. Ive lost my debit card recently, which sucks. Losing alot lately, def because I am too stoned to pay attention.
  6. My lighters always seem to disappear for 30 to 40 minutes at a time whenever I get really high. This will often happen multiple times during an evening.
  7. this happens to me alot
  8. I spend too much time when Im high making sure that things are where they should be.... one time I could not find my wallet so I started looking for it and ended up throwing my couch across my living room only to find it was on the table so I had to put the couch back before I did anything else which really sucked
  9. yeah happens to me alot too man,i end up going thru lighters pretty fast, tho i just found one the other day that im currently using lol
  10. Awhile I ago I was lighter-less for like a whole month and ended up with like 7+lighters but only buying 1?


  11. I was riding in a car with a friend a few months back and we found a pretty nice nug in between the seat and that thing in the middle that has the cupholder....long story short,it made our day.
  12. haha damn bro lucky find
  13. When you're blazed you're just gonna end up leaving shit in the weirdest spots.
  14. Dude exact same thing happened to me lol.
    I would weigh out in my car in the dark sometimes haha and I guess i dropped a fat nug... but i didnt find it for like 3 months so it was a wee bit dry ha.... but i smoked it and it was still god to me:smoke:

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