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Misconceptions about sex as a child

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by MysteryRoach69, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. What sort of strange things did you believe about sex as a kid?

    I remember thinking a blow job had something to do with the girl blowing air into the penis to make it really big and that was pleasurable some how :confused:

    I now know that behavior can cause permenant wee wee damage, do not attempt blades

    Share your stories blades
  2. I remember when I was 8 or 9 thinking that a guy peed into a girl and that's how she got pregnant.
  3. I also thought a blow job was blowing air between the foreskin and the penis.

    I also thought condoms went over the balls too haha.
  4. I thought blow jobs were what got women pregnant
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    Wow, I guess sex ed IS necessary.
  6. I thought babies came out of their mom's bellybutton. Not sex technically but still.
  7. not really sex but i thought girls peed out there butt lol
  8. Lol yall are weird...or maybe I knew what it was because of all the porno mags that my uncle use to hide.They were so easy to find :smoke: I was looking at them since I was like 4 lmao I've just always been obsessed with naked women.
  9. porn helped u lmao
  10. I used to think a condom was like a balloon on a string, I had no idea how it was used haha
  11. That you had to be married to have sex
  12. I remember being like 10-11 years old and every one used to deny eating pussy. Guys said it was nasty. Guess what?? They lied, it tastes delicious (results may vary depending on women lol).

  13. Pussy does not taste delicious... That's like a girl saying guys balls always smell fresh.
  14. Pretty sure I had no misconceptions.
  15. I was being sarcastic. But a clean pussy doesn't have a bad smell. It just has the natural scent it should have.
  16. i never had any misconceptions but my friend in the sixth grade though babies came from the woman's anus

    i was like... what
  17. I went to public school so I don't remember having any misconceptions. Lol
  18. I thought it was called a magina until I was 6 or 7. That's about it.
  19. "My mom pooped out my baby brother last night!!"


    [​IMG] :hide:
  20. i thought babies came out of the belly somehow when i was really young.

    and when i was a little older i thought sex was when a guy simply put it in the girl. no thrusting. haha

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