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  1. What the fucks a miscer? A member on this forum just messaged me saying "are you a miscer". Wtf does that mean
  2. I think its a term for other forums users
    can't be sure though
    Im just a blade ;)

  3. Same. Im a member at the ufc forums on ufc.com and a member here but thats it. blade/ HUGE mma/combat sports fan :)
  4. So am i a miscer since im a member of the ufc forums aswell? :confused:
  5. Why are we called blades? Iv always wondered
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    ICGreen Had posted a link with the Og thread with the links to where the phrase "Blade" was first coined back in like 01 or 02...

    Grasscity...Blades of grass:smoke:

    OP being a Ufc member might make you one it might not lololol, You like working out? ;) That may be a definitive factor.

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