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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Vincent16, May 9, 2006.

  1. Is miracle food plant food good? i just bought some for veg growth. i have all purpose plant food.

    - Vince
  2. I heard it gives pretty crappy results and is a waste of money.

    I myself am ordering all my stuff tomorrow, and would like to know what some good stuff is myself that you can get in the US....
  3. miracle grow is amazing it grew our plants from 3in to about 7-8in they r now over a foot i suggest it we're not done yet but it seems to be workin
    they've been growin bout a motnh and they're aabout 13-16in:D
  4. if you are going to use MC it has instructions for indoor and outdoor mixing. there should be a spoon in there with a little and big scoop. use the teaspoon in a gallon of water(indoor instruction) i just think its way concentrated, i just ferted a bunch of tomato and basil plants with it because im trying to get this garden too rebound.

  5. Yeah like dirtystall said make sure you mix it right even if it looks weak becuase too much will burn. That's always been my experience anyway with anything I grow.
    I use it on everything,every two weeks or so. "Weeds" and all.

    Oh and another thing,on the box it will say use it all over the plant and soil,this boost blooms (flowers) and I prefer the tomato formula to the rose or flower formula for what you want it for.
  6. I only use organic ferts.
  7. it don't matter the brand, just make sure nitrogen levels are higher or the same as p and k for veg. i use 20-20-20 aviously if u want to be a technical grower then purchase some hydro ferts, it contains micro nutrients.
  8. Who you addressing???
  9. MG is hard to judge. Some plants can survive it and others I have seen them die in a couple of days after using it. No matter how careful you follow the instructions. I vote Organic all the way. You are growing an Organic Herb why would you use a chemical based products on it?
  10. Organic rules. I make a great organic fert from Russian comfrey.
  11. I thought Miracle Grow is organic................

    Thats what I was told when I bought it.
  12. I don't believe that MG is organic. Organic means it comes from the enviroment not a chemical made up of harsh molecules. I believe they do make a organic form of MG but I haven't used it. I have alway heard that is can give your end product a bad taste and smell. I wouldn't want to take that chance. If I was selling it I wouldn't care but I only grow for personal use and close friends.. Never bought a bag that I had to travel with or for. Getting busted where I live is a manditory prison sentence for any thing weiging more than 1.0 grams. 1.0 gram and under can get you jail time and you could be court ordered to urine tests $1,000 fine and they flag your Drivers License and that alone gives them cause to stop and search your vehilce. My friend got mouthy with them and they took him in for a body cavity search. FUN FUN (NOT)!!!!!!!

  13. And you believe shop assistants without question?? No, miracle grow is a chemical factory fert.
    I have never used it, can´t buy it here, but some gardeners get good results using it on flowers and fruit, and swear by it.

    Try it and decide for yourself must be the only answer. Maybe not on all your crop, give some organic ferts and compare the yield and the smoke.
  14. Off sub. do i need to use ferts??? my plants just sprouted.....and i dont want to spend any $ if i dont have to, but if they need it i will
  15. its different in some cases. they dont need fert in nature but it always helps things along, its not a costly investment. as im sure many people on grass city would tell you, ferts are almost essential if you want to get the most out of your plants
  16. Yes, i am planting in the nature ( a little forest by my apt) well....that is wen they are ready. im transplanting them after the germanation stage is OVER and in the flowering stage
  17. I think you will find that all serious growers do routinely use liquid ferts.

    They are cost effective.
  18. I got a plant 14 inches tall by using soilless mix and 150w of flouro light...no nutes.
  19. Calm down. I was just saying I got a plant 14 inches tall with a 150w light flouro, using no nutes. What I wanna know is, what drove you to take that out of context? And why did you read it as if I were attacking everyone on the site?
  20. Well, my unsexed babes have reached that height with no ferts applied, that is nothing special.

    But once the girls are identified they go into big pots and get top grade nutes.

    You don´t get a pound of bud from a 14 inch midget.

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