Miracle grow soil and Fertilizer proper use?

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  1. Im currently using Miracle grow soil for my 3 plants (their doing great) and a friend of mine just came by yesterday and dropped off this blue Miracle grow "fertilizer", its a blue powder and the directions say that i should put 1/2 a teaspoon per 1/2 gallon of water. I was just wondering if i should even use it on my plants. It says water normally with it day to day. The name on the box is "Miracle-Gro All purpose Plant food"

    My Miracle gro soil has the bases of .27-.07-.14, i know thats not the greatest for weed plants but so far my 3 are doing just fine in it, and I looked on the the All purpose plant food and its N-P-K lvls are 24-8-16

    But i mixed some in a water bottle (I just pop a hole in the top of a store bought spring water bottle and water them with that) and it turned blue, it dosent seem that bad but that last thing i wanna do is mix it with my water and use it every 1-2 days when i water and it somehow basically kill my plants. So has anyone ever used this componation of Miracle gro potting soil and this All purpose plant food?

    Any advice would b great
  2. I wouldn't feed until your plants started showing they needed certain elements, because you are using a medium that has time release nutes in it. You can overfeed with almost any fertilizer, but the non-organic ones leave much less room for error.

    As to feeding with every watering, that might be risky. We're not talking lettuce or celery here. Plus, if you must feed with the MG powder, start out with 1/4 or 1/2 of what they recommend to see how your plants respond. It is easier to correct underfeeding than overfeeding, from what I have gathered, certainly with soil as a medium.

    EDIT: do you have a pH meter? When you mix up fertilizer solutions, it will often change the pH of your feed water dramatically. I made up a 1/2 solution of fish emulsion and the water went from 7 pH down to 4.1. Extremes in pH are not good.
  3. I used Miracle grow base nutes and soil whenever I first started and I know a ton of other folks who have too. You're fine with that stuff but use it only once a week 1/2 teaspoon per gal and water in between. If you want better stuff check out: Iguana Juice Grow & Bloom or Fox Farm Grow Big and Tiger Bloom for flowering. These are my favorite nutrients.
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    jericho, when could i tell that my plants need certain nutrients? My plants are still babies, about 2wks old but a few days ago they got their first 4leaves and they all look strong and healthy, and no, sadly i dont have a ph meter but i looked it up and in most cases MG has a ph level of 6-7 and because its the same brand of plant food, MG, i'd suppose that it wouldnt hurt them. But yeah, I suppose i'd water them with the MG water once a week and keep using my normal, purified water, every day or 2.
    sound reasonable?

    Any other feedback on this Nutrient "overdose" would also b helpful ^^
  5. If they are only two weeks, I'd leave them be. Deficiencies will start showing up as discoloration of leaves, most likely the older leaves if one of the major elements (NPK). Most MJ seedlings will thrive in a medium with no nutes at all, so you should be good for several more weeks with the MG.

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