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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Vexus, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. So I was using Miracle grow organic.. (WHICH DOES HAVE SLOW RELEASE FERTS) so I planted 4 seeds all sprouted.. 2 died, 1 is very healthy and growing pretty well and another one that was stunted and struggling is coming along fine now.

    So will these plants be fine now that they got use to the ferts in the soil? Its been 16 days.

    I'm scared to buy soil without feeding and transplant them.. I rather miracle grow just do its stuff for now. :)
  2. Yeah, miracle grow gets a bad rap.But the stuff does kill more plants than the D.E.A..I started nine seedlings in MG moisture control.I lost two to serious burn right away.Seven left went into gallon pots with yet more MG moisture control(serious risk here) and some peat moss.Of the seven two more wilted away from burn.Five of them now are into their 6 and seventh internode.The sativa i switched to MG organic and peat moss cause it was curling.So now i have 4 in MG moisture control and 1 in MG organic.The sativa is really making a comeback so i plan now to transplant all to 3 gal with MG organic, mg perlite, peatmoss, and a touch of worm castings.I believe once the plants adapt to their enviroment they will try to thrive.Im concerned about stress tho.Im not saying use the stuff this is just my little experiment.
  3. Maybe. Who knows? You obviously are aware of the problems with soil containing time-released ferts or you wouldn't have mentioned it, so why would you have started in that and why would you continue with it? I think you would be best to transplant to an organic soil mix that has no ferts in it.

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