Miracle Grow plant food and DIY carbon filters

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  1. Please excuse me if i have posted in the wrong place.

    Has anyone used miracle grow plant food for their plant? Does it cause harsh bud like the soil?

    My next question is about homemade carbon filters. Has anyone designed one that actually works? I've been looking around and I've almost come to the conclusion that none work for the extended periods that they need to work.

    If you have designed one that has worked from the time you built it till the time you harvested, i would appreciate it if you shared this information.
  2. I wouldn't use miraclegrow. If you can get it get some fox farm nutes. That's what I'm about to use because my plant is on it's third set of leaves and that's the time to use your nutes. BTW Nutes=Nutrients. By the time the third set of leaves are established that means your plant has established itself.

  3. Well if i was growing :cool: they'd be about a week old by now, from germination.

    Yeah im not sure if the nutes are good for it that young. Or maybe it has something to do with the ph levels in the soil you are using + adding the water and nutes? :confused_2:

    And if i was growing i would have been using black magic soil, its probably low grade soil but im on a real tight budget and it was free, i wasn't the one who purchased it.

    I just wanted to know about the nutes for future reference, even though my imaginary plants are still very young.

    Any info on the DIY carbon filter anybody?
  4. I don't understand why anyone would give a tiny seedling or even a vegging plant any nutes unless they have plain soil that has no fertilizers in it. Most bags of soil used clearly state that they have nutes. Some go far to say that it feeds a plant for x time. Of course you can expect burning when you have hot soil and then feed the plant. They plant grows slowly, giving it excess food isn't going to make the plant grow any faster. If you think you're going to wanna feed the plant while germinating, add it to your soil mix before you plant.

    Youtube has a High Times grow video. You guys/gals should watch it. It's brand new and only has a few views. I think it's a remaster of an older version. As for MG Bloom Booster. I've never burned a plant with it. If you can't get the "grower's choice", the Bloom Booster will do. 1/2 tsp per 2 liters once or twice a week during flower will do the trick.
  5. Don't waste your time making a "diy Carbon filter". they dont work, and are simply a scaled dow, poor imitation of the real thing. if Carbon filters at that size were actually effective, then thered be compananys producing them.

    If you need a small scale odor neutrilizer, then use an ONA bucket, your room will end up smelling like clean linen, but its better than nothing (and it doesnt effect the actual smell of your pot after its dried and cured)

  6. thanks, i do have growers choice.Yeah it says to use the same amount on the instructions, but how was the quality of the bud, especially when you smoked it?

    Im only asking because i had heard the MG soil produced harsh bud and made the taste different. Im just wondering if the nutes would do the same?
  7. ive been succsesfully using miracle grow on my plant, ive used before but didnt read mixture directions burnt the shit out of my plants they all died in a matter of minutes, but with my new grow ive been using it just started out a little under the mixture ratio, then bumped it up to the normal mix ratio, i dont water with it every time i water my plant though i do it about every third watering, as for harsh bud, i would think if you flushed it out enouph before harvest it should be fine, i dont taste no bat shit when i smoke my buds and most people be using some type of animal shit ha, just take it easy with tha mg and ittl be cool

    check out my grow whenever she's a miracle grow plant, been watering her with molasses too grew her small on purpose, if you do start growing post some pics i always like seeing peoples work in progress

    her she is

  8. Here's that HT/YT link for the newer version. Only 83 views.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQBzIRjURKc&feature=related]YouTube - High Times Marijuana Growing part 1[/ame]

  9. +rep, Nice find. Thats pretty interesting ill probably watch the whole series if i find the time
  10. i'm on my first grow but done heaps of research like I'm studying in uni. in saying I'm a noob, I have not at all had any probs with feeding from the time it sprouts. also, in saying I'm a noob, I've been growing for 6 months just haven't completed or even started flowering a plant yet (working extensively on cloning first up). I use the dutchmaster gold range. I mix it accordingling (ie. 50ml of each part a & b per 20L plus additives). I work on the basis that 2000ppm is full strength. for seedlings I feed them half strength nutes till two weeks or three nodes then full strength from there on. just recently started
    feeding my 8 week old cluster bomb and a bagseed (still in veg) nutes mixed at 2500ppm. not yet have I seen any sign of mute burn. sorry it's long but yea
  11. Miracle Gro fertilizer is in the same category as other general-purpose chemical ferts such as Peters or Schultz. It will do the job, but you are much better off with something organic or at least semi-organic. And yes, don't feed for the first 2-3 weeks no matter what you are using.

    I have a carbon filter I built that is very similar to that pencil cup idea but much bigger. I used chicken wire to create inner and outer walls, filter material to hold it in, and a whole lot of activated carbon. Put it on the end of a Stanley blower sucking out the grow space and no odor at all. That design, BTW, is essentially the same as a fancy, expensive pre-made carbon filter.
  12. well my main influence for how I've gone about it all was mr. greens 'how to grow green' or 'i grow chronic' on YouTube
  13. i didnt dose with mg till i thought my plants were strong enouph and since i was trying to grow dwarfs and i only vegged for a week i think i started mg about 3 weeks in

  14. Answered perfectly. Thanks

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