miracle grow organic?????

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  1. im using that and its true bout it buring your seedlings cuz it killed 2 of my feminized seeds and im pissed but besides the point they got 4 otha type plants still growing as we speak just fine but i was wondering should i change the soil now or what till its a foot tall or what???/ thank you.............
  2. Are these other types of plants cannabis, as in different strains? Or do you actually mean other types of plants, like peppers and cilantro?

    If the other types of plants are cannabis, I'd suggest waiting at least two weeks from sprout before transplanting. If you're worried about burning and killing them, you could carefully flush the soil now. Just make sure your pots have good drainage.

    Personally, I havn't had a problem with Miracle Grow Organic. It's only been a few days, but my 6 new plants are planted in it and they seem to be doing fine. Maybe they'll get burned later on, I don't know. I flushed the soil 2 or 3 times, then mixed it with perlite to about a 70:30 ratio of soil to perlite.

    So, if you want to trasplant, I'd suggest waiting. Young sprouts are pretty sensative little buggers, you don't want to upset them. Just give your soil a good flush and you should be A-OK.

    If the other types of plants are not cannabis, I can't help ya there.
  3. ya 4 otha mj plants and there 3 mazar i shairff plants could turn out to be male/ or female? and a feminzed ch9 green bud but 2 green buds pop out and there stem dried up over night and then 2 feminized seeds never germ i wonder y? but ya and another question i got 4 plants under a 600 watt hps how low to put the light on em? thanks......
  4. Well, I'm not sure I understand your post, but I'll do my best. It would help considerately if you could try to sneak in a bit of proper grammar and punctation, I have a hard time trying to decypher stuff. I'm not trying to be a grammar nazi, but a little bit goes a long way :)


    Are you asking me if they could be male of female? If they were normal seeds (i.e. not feminized) then yes, they could be male or female. From my first and only grow (which is on-going now), if you veg the plants for 5-7 weeks you can see preflowers before you even start flowering them. That makes it really easy to tell what sex the plant is, and aid in your decision to keep it or trash it.

    Regarding the stems that dried up overnight, how are your preparing your soil before your put the seeds in? I've found it works very well to have a pot with a few holes on the bottom and fill that with soil. Then I'll water it until water is running out of the holes on the bottom for a while, and then I let it sit for a good 15-30 minutes before I put the seeds in.

    From that point on, I'll let the soil dry out just about completely before I water again. You can check the moisture of the soil using a meter, but I tend to just feel the holes on the bottom. If they're wet, then lift up the pot and feel how heavy it is. If it feels just like a pot with dry soil in it, then water it until water just begins to trickle out of the bottom.

    On to the fem. seeds that never germ'd. How long did you wait? I've had good luck with my seeds so far - 100% germination rate within 3 days. However, alot of the very successful grow journals I've read on here report having to wait 5, 6, sometimes 7 days before their seeds poke through their soil. How far deep are you planting them? Usually 1/4" deep is just fine.

    That is a really powerful lamp for seedlings. I've never grown seedings under any HID lamp, but I'd say anywhere from 24" all the way to 36" would be good. Hopefully someone with experience in this arena will chime in and give you a better idea. Just make sure the lamp is a good distance away, and see how the seedlings react.
  5. sorry bro, lol no i meant i have four plants that could be anything i dunno hope females but who knows and one feminized plant and the seedlings that dried up could of been the micrale grow too but i dunno i was wondering also bout fertilizing should i wait 3 weeks and start em off with a fert thats 4-5-3? but all the babys got fury stems already thick bushy white hairs and shining from all the thc but i just pray im blessed haha but thanks alot man sorry for the sloppy lazy teen type style ha im blowed but thanks alot i think of some more stuff to ask your opinion on after you answer those new ones lol sry...
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    Holy run on sentences Batman! lol

    Let's see here.

    Do not feed them yet. There's enough stuff in the MG soil that they won't need to be fed for 2 to three weeks. I actually burned my Widow's a bit. I started feeding them at 2 weeks, but the FFOF soil still had lots of goodies for 'em, so they got a bit crispy. Now I feed the one remaining widow every other watering.

    The schedual might look something like this: Monday - heavy watering; Tuesday - nothing; Wednesday - nothing; Thusday - feed (1/2 bottle reccomened FF Grow Big); Friday - nothing, Saturday - light watering; Sunday - nothing. Keep in mind though that I didn't start this until about week 5 or 6. Up to that point the plant was perfectly happy with just pH balanced, 48 hour chlorine evaporated, h2o.

    Regarding the 4-5-3 fert, I have no idea. I'm kind of retarded when it comes to the NPK stuff on ferts. I have my bottles that tell me what to do and I tend to stick to that (in soil I'm using the FoxFarm trio, in hydro I'll be using the Lucas method with GH micro and bloom). Ignorance is bliss and whatnot. Sorry I can't be of help here. I'm sure there's plenty of info floating around, spend some time searching and you'll hit it.
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    but wut if i been using an aqua globe haha....?
  8. Don't use aquaglobe. Search for them - you'll read why they're bad.
  9. then how do you properly water a plant? i know it sounds funny but i dont want to over water.
  10. I don't know about the miracle grow soil but I am using Miracle grow fertilizer and it is working pretty good.
  11. To avoid overwatering, just water until water starts to come out of the holes in the bottom of the pots. To determine if your plant needs water, in my opinion the best way is by weight. Pick up the pot and feel how heavy it is. If it feels the same weight as a pot with dry soil in, then water until water runs out again. If not, wait a day or two. If you see your leaves starting to sag and you havn't watered in a few days, your plant is thirsty.

    You'll get the hang of doing it by weight. Until you get really comfortable doing it that way, you can also feel the soil protruding from the holes at the bottom of the pot. If it feels damp, don't water.
  12. Just take it out of the pot, and plant it in a 2x2 hole and it'll be almost impossible 2 overwater. Watering 2 times a week will be fine. Remember it's called weed 4 a reason
  13. igght cool....but back to the main topic i change the mg organic to some local shop's organic dirt and then the lady gave me all the nutrients like the bat geauno and etc. but ya looks like the plants gonna show me love but then the stems are purple to im thinking it needed Nitrogen so im hoping all this organic stuff fixs all the problems???

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