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  1. Can I put my germinated seeds in miracle gro. Natures care organic potting mix.

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  2. You can but you shouldn't just get something that is made for growing cannabis..
  3. Yes. I've used it. Not ideal, but they'll be fine. Every bag I used contained fungus gnat larvae so you may have to treat for them.

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  4. Should*

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  5. You can use MG...lots of people do. Just know that even though it will say "organic" on the bag, it's actually loaded with slow release fertilizers and these can burn a young tender seedling. However, it should only set your plant back for a few days until it gets through that initial shock. After that, it should put on out and do fine. Just make sure there is enough perlite in the mix you buy. You should have about a 60/40 soil/perlite ratio for optimum drainage since these plants hate sitting around in moist conditions. And as Mook said above, you don't know how long that soil has been sitting on the shelf (though admittedly, this is the best time of year to buy soil like that because of the volume of sales in the spring) or what might have set up residence inside it. I always open a bag of soil and pour it into an empty Sterilite container or something of the sort, so I can have a good look at it before I put plants in it. Once you get mites and gnats and other wiggly things started, it can be difficult to get them out of your grow so I would rather be cautious and have a look at what I'm potting in before I do it. This soil will probably burn your young plants just a little bit and stress them a little too, but they'll come out of it and grow. Spend some time learning the process of growing these plants. There are several basics you need to know so your grow is as stress-less as possible. People put tons of time and effort into figuring out the setup they're going to grow with and never bother to look into the process of growing these plants. So be smart before you start and read up on what these plants like and dislike and how to get optimum growth and yield from what you grow. Good luck! TWW
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