Miracle-Gro bad for buds?

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  1. I have been puttin miracle gro on the little devils i have growing outside and i heard that its bad for the buds is that true?
  2. Well mircale grow has acids in it... which most growth enhancers do... if your plant has its femal sticky buds or is in the budding stage i would stear clear of mirical grow... use mirical grow in the growing stages... BUT NOT TO EARLY... it will kill the plants... gradualy introduce the growing suppliment to the plant by giving it small dossages and gradualy moving up... If your giving your plants mirical grow now.. i suggest you stop...it can give your bud an unpleaset taste... you can flush your plants syste by watering generiously in the last few days ( 4-6 ) . this will make sure all the chemicals leave the plant.. but yeah in the last final stages i suggest not using mirical grow... and also in the plants sproutig and a little into veg. growth.. hope this helps.
  3. Tanks man appreciate da tips
  4. no problem good luck in your grow season!!!
  5. You people are aprehensible, trying to get a young plant hooked on a nasty drug such as 'miracle grow'. Next it'll be trying out lsd and jumping out of windows.
  6. I gotta tell ya that depending on ur soil that most people WAY over do the fert's.
    if u have decent soil...a few growth feeds and maybe an early feed of a 5-60-5 in the budding cycle are really all u need.
    hydroponics aside.

    what is the cost of overdoing the fert's. well its $$$ as well as adding salts to ur plant roots needlessly.

    remember its call 'weed' and when is the last time u fert'ed ur field of dandilions ?
  7. I have used miracle grow compost, fert etc etc, and never had any problems ever. Been growing outdoors for many years and they have always been successful. So i don't really understand where all this anti-miracle grow comes from?
    Has anyone really had a bad experience with miracle grow?
    good luck
  8. I have used miracle grow all through my first grow. I started with a very light 1/4 strength feeding of 15-30-15 which I continued every other week until the plants went to flower.

    In flower, I have been feeding 10-52-10 at half strength every other week. My plants are in pots, so they would be susceptible to nutrient lockout more than your outdoor plants, because there isn't really anywhere for the unused nutes to grow.

    One thing I learned though, make sure you water your plants fairly well BEFORE applying the water with nutrients in it. This will prevent dry roots from sucking up a big rootfull of concentrated nutrients when they are vulnerable due to being dry.

    No matter what nutrients you use (that includes natural fertilizers too), you need to flush your plants with plenty of plain water for about 2 weeks before harvesting. You will know it is working, when your fan leaves start to yellow. The leaves yellow as the plant leaches them of their nutrients because they are no longer receiving enough from the soil. Don't panic....this is a good thing....it means that the chemicals from your fertilizers have been used and expelled by your plants.
  9. try nitro or carbon
  11. Hey Ajax,

    The miracle grow is called Ultra Bloom, and it seems to be working well for me. My yield is not great due to the many mistakes I made earlier in the grow, but I have just pulled my first plant and I tell you....it is killer!

    I am very reserved in my use of ferts. I nearly killed a couple of plants over-ferting, so I figure I would rather have smaller buds than no buds at all!

    I have tried attaching a photo, but my file is too big, and I am no computer guru. Too bad you can't see it....just looking at the photo makes me drool!
  12. the moral of the story is that in most quality soils, there is plenty of fert's in the ground...and a app or two will just about get all the ranges maxed out.

    the limiting factor of land plants is hardly ever in ground fert's. its CO2. almost every time except is some bad soils.

    u prob wont hurt using Miracle grow at the dose they say but why bother. and one bad app and u can hurt or kill the plants.
  13. also depends on variety. My indica started browning over lower leaves after 1 very weak miracle grow feed. I've always grow completely au naturelle, except for this one time. Maybe I was unlucky but I wouldn't put miracle grow anywhere near my plants... although it continues to grow happily, minus a few leaves.


  14. I've worked at a nursery down here in sc for a couple of years.
    We use Booster (20-20-20) on all flowering plants there except for edible ones. You can see the difference within a day. If the ratio from water to chemical isn't right, you can burn your plants.
  15. Assuming your miracle grow is the same as the uk brand!!

    miracle grow is a fertiliser thats produced for "show plants"
    not commonly used for plants that are consumed.

    A good alternative would be a organic based tomato feed,
    (i had some good results using this when i grew 5-6 years ago)

    Easy to obtain and comes in variable ratios.

    On my very first grow i used m.g. i did have some good results (yield and high) but it gave the bud a "chemical taste"

    Hope this has helped,


  16. So is a 20-20-20 forumula effective in first or 2nd week of flowering? I know that they need most Phopshorous. I wanna try out the 10-52-10 formula....sounds good for the buds...

    Question of the Day: So what difference is it between 15-30-15 Miracle Gro and 20-20-20 solubles? Which is better for flowering? If both sucks, then what would you recommend for soluble fertz? What's with the Dutch Nutrient Forumula too? DNF? Effects?

    What kind of fertz are high in P? I've got bonemeal and bloodmeal but I do not wanna disturb the bottom soil unnecessarily. Thanks guys!

  17. I did under the recommended dose and it still burned the fuck out of my plants...and now they might die.....Look at my thread...Pics

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