Mint-AL stimulation

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Kro-Nesis, May 1, 2003.

  1. Ha Ha The muthafreaking man is back!

    And I have MinTAL-Stimulation is the strain, an experiment I tried, and it worked. Al the plants I tried to color didn't do very well. So MinTAL is my new hobby! Check the attachment, HAVE I joined the ranks of the Elite or do I still have major learning in my grasshopper future?

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  2. grown under 2 1000W HPS Real organic ferts (manures, ashes, fish emulsion) all of which were WELL washed away. Me and a potna tried it out. I didn't tell him I was setting up shop. I just told him it was a good score I caught from another guy.

    First thing to good buds are secrecy. Thanks to all the PIMPED OUT playa-from-the-Himalaya growers, SID, Mcurry, and any others I may have missed.

    It's 4:20 and I'm out!
  3. good to see you back Kro........looks's it taste and smell?......oh and as for Mcurry....i'm afraid he has left the city.....possibly for good, no reson was know what that could possibly mean?.......smoke your next one for him!.........Peace out.........Sid
  4. AWWWWWW the freaking FUZZ, I tell you the truth. I fthey toked a bit instead of worrying about bud growers maybe they could do some good.

    That MinTAL-Stimulation is what it is, MINT flavored, and MINTY TASTE. It's hella loud too. A few weeks earlier, when i cam home, the entire place was filled. Sinsemillia has treated me kind this year.

    I'll put the 8in green leaf in the air for him tonight. As a matter of fact, i'm toking for all those unavailable to toke at this present time.

    *P.S. be like me I take pics of the fuzz when they pull me over. if I ever have an issue with any particular one, that may have been their last. I'm blackmailing the fuzz with PhotoShop. If they raid my spot, they will only find fellow officers posted on the wall wit the pipe (the human pipe) in their mouths! On offense to those that may be homosexual, because half my family is, and i'm cool wit it, just don't partake in it.
  5. don't know what's happened to him for sure, but i've e-mailed him with no success........Peace out........Sid

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