Minor offence for $100,000 grow op

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Minuteman420, May 30, 2009.

  1. Haha just found this news article on google news. Go Canada

    Grow-op gardener won't have to forfeit home - The Globe and Mail

    "A Vancouver woman who applied her green thumb to a $100,000 marijuana grow operation should not have to forfeit her home as punishment, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled yesterday."

    More stuff

    "Her trial judge decided against ordering the forfeiture of her $500,000 home because it did not constitute proceeds of crime. He instead imposed a $100,000 fine and a 12-month conditional prison sentence."

    One thing to note is that her buyers were mostly those looking to use medically.
  2. It's still bullshit that she is getting a fucking year in jail for growing a weed. And $100,000 is still a shit load of money to pay.
  3. A mini wheats a mini wheats a mini wheats a mini wheats!!!
  4. How exactly is she going to pay off this 100k fine? Grow more? Hmmm
  5. shes prolly got bad bank saved up
  6. Good point. Still, she also lost a shit load of money on that weed.

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