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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by stevieponiczz, Oct 10, 2002.

  1. I'm gunna get my first grow kicked off hopefully this weekend. I got some bag weed germinating..second day the roots are starting to sprout. I'm gunna try one plant with a 45 watt fluro in a closet.

    My first question is watering...im totally oblivious. Whats a good indoor watering method. Just keep the soil generally moist?? A set scedule??

    Also what are some proeffiecient methods of odor control.

    And last, i know this may seem like a dumb Q.. but how do i tell if my plant is male\female??

    And for just regular bag seed...whens a good time to start
    12\12.. 4,5,6 weeks of vegging??

    Any help would be great.
  2. I've just done more or less the same thing. Vegged my bagseed grow for 8 weeks from seed, but its already about 2.5 feet high, went to 12/12 a couple of days ago. I'm using 3 28w fluros in a closet, and it seems to be happy.

    I watered daily during veg, just keeping soil moist as you say. Now I'm in 12/12 I'm watering every 3 days (so far anyway). Odor control for me is by charcoal scrubber - check out www.overgrow.com/faq for more details to build your own. I used to use air fresheners, but they smell worse than the plant.

    check out the overgrow faqs again for info on sexing plants, but you won't know anything for ages yet, need preflowers, or to flower a cutting etc.

    good luck

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