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  1. Is it too early to plant in central Minnesota? And considering I live so far north will my plants reach maturity quicker than say if I lived in Florida?

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    The general rules are seed in the ground outside May 1st.. Clones June 1st.. Seeds need a month to mature sexually so they can go out a bit early.. Clones are mature at any size and will flower if put out before June 1st or not time matched close enough..
    You can start inside now but you'll need to time match from day one on a low lighting time like 16-8 to avoid light shock preflower at setout.. Something I've fought for years..

  3. No Minnesota or Wisconsin growers around?

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  4. And you never answered if my plants will finish quicker than being in a tropical climate

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  5. Minnesota is easy. Watch the news and keep an eye on when the last frost happens than put them outside. Keep an eye out for sex come august, pull the males or make more seeds. Than watch em flower! Biggest mistake is putting out too early. Every year i have to put out later and later bc of weather but this year is throwing me for a loop since were actually getting a spring. I have problems w deer and rabbits and since you said your up north id be extra careful. When i lived up in north mn i remember coming to my site and seeing all my stalks chewed in half and fell on the ground, damn rabbits n nothing worse to see:(
  6. I'm in central minnesota are the deer really a problem and rabbits

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  7. Depends on where you are, but it doesnt hurt to be extra careful. I always remind myself that i was on 35e in st paul coming outa downtown last year and saw two huge doe's trying to get outa the highway grass area and were trapped. That was right out of downtown! So yes theyre everywhere here.
  8. I have always gone by the saying "when they start planting corn in your area it's time to sow your seeds.

    Your plants will do fine and will follow the sun's hours and change with the light.

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