Minimum cfl lamp wattage for a 2-3 plants

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BYOweed, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. ^says it all
  2. Around 250-300w for 3 plants, you ideally want around 7000 lumens each (80-100w) depending on the type of cfl (sunblaster/ushio t5 etc)

  3. Are you referring to actual wattage or equivalent?
  4. I have 12 26w cfl bulbs and my 3 plants are growing extremely well. I recommend using an aluminum can and cut it to be a reflector, nearly doubled the amount of light for me. The top of the can fits perfectly around 26w cfl's. No tape or glue, just stick it on the base.
  5. IMO m8 as much as possible I'm currently growing 3 plants and I have 2x 300w blue cfls for veg and the 2 red for flower & I will bring in some lower wattage later in the grow for side lighting

    So far results seem good I'm in week 3 of vegging check out my posts for the current results mate

  6. I saw this video today of this guy that made a grow light out of those big aluminum tubes used for laundry ducts. Pretty good idea, it would cover a lot of space if modified correctly.

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