minimum amount of fluorescent to flower?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by vincent47, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Hi I was wondering what the min. amount of fluorescent I could use to flower 1 plant(bagseed) with I only have 3 26 watt CFL's soft white now(1700 lumens)do i need way more or does it just depend on how much stuff I want?
  2. well, the minimum would have to be whatever you've got. But you should go get yourself 3 40+ watt warm CFLs to bud with.
  3. that low amount of wattage would be a very bad yield, if you want something decent you are going to need to get roughly 100watts more of fluoros.
  4. a minimum of 3 40+ watt warm flouros is 120 watts and equal to over 300 watt of standard lighting. He only has one plant.
  5. I have a 150w flourescent bulb on one plant right now, and im going to have 2-5 more plants growing with her. They will all be about a week and a half behind her. For decent yeild, when I veg them...(because im probably not going to have the 400w hps by veg time)...How many watts of flouro should i have them under , 6 plants. And can I just keep them vegging for however long i want until i get the 400w hps and then flower them?
  6. With all respect, I think this question reflects a bass-ackwards mentality. What's the minimum you can spend to buy a car? Well, maybe a hundred bucks if you want a pile of junk that's been in a flood and can't make it up a hill.

    To grow MJ you have to be interested to at least some degree in a quality and quantity of yield. You might be able to bud with the lights you have, but is a 1 gram yield worth the effort and expense you went to?

    If you are on a budget -- and believe me, all of us can understand that -- get as many more cfl's as you can. Wally World has them dirt cheap. You can get fixtures at Home Depot dirt cheap too, they sell a thing called a "lamp holder" (it's the plain white ceramic fixture that just holds a bare bulb) for $1.19 apiece, and then get a multi-pack of extension cords and cut off the female ends to wire to the fixtures. For $20 you could double or more your current lighting, and for what it will do to your yield it definitely is money well spent.

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