Discussion in 'General' started by cannabis, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. [ame=""]YouTube - Mini Stove[/ame]

    move over mini-fridge. :smoke:
  2. oh my gosh...thank you! d.i.y forever
  3. People into ultralight backing use those. Look up "Pepsi can stove"

    Myself I just accept the extra weight of my fuel canister and sweet ass adjustible backpack stove
  4. Although I have to admit, its a cool idea, I wonder how long it burns?
    Also, you have to have some pretty obscure things for a needy object.
    Glad i bought a mini camping stove.
  5. Seconded. I'm not risking my morning cup of coffee when I'm 110 kilometers from civilization.
  6. wont it set off fuems from the ink and can?
  7. that's what I was wondering

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