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  1. Going to be installing a mini split in my workshop (20x20 space w/insulated walls) where my grow space also resides. Anyone have a recommendation on a specific model or brand that they’ve had luck with?

    I’ll need one in the 12-18kBTU range to do what I need it to do. Just trying to see if anyone has any advice or experience they’d like to share on the matter.
  2. I do HVAC for a living. Out of all the brands I’ve installed, by far Mitsubishi has been the best. That’s just my opinion, make sure you have all the tools you need for a proper install especially leak check the connections, and a good vacuum before the charge is released.
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  3. Mitsubishi units are the most efficient and reliable ime

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  4. Thank you both. I have a trustworthy HVAC guy that is going to be doing the install with me so I should be set on doing it the proper way. Looking at the Mitsubishi line right now
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  5. Mitsubishi makes the best split on the market. Daikin is the second best on the market. Don’t get a DYI cause they don’t put out what they claim. Needs to be vacuumed and filled to get best results.
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    My boy pretty much exclusively installs ventilation and cooling, for grows, for a living. He’s never had to come back to fix a Mitsubishi. You can’t even get parts for them, cause they’re not needed. Daikin doesn’t break down very often. My boy has had to fix those, but WAY less then other brands and parts are available. Mitsubishi just has it figured out. I ended up getting the Daikin because it’s a good product and cheaper then the Mitsubishi. I was already $18000 deep in my build and at that point, was trying to save a few dollars, which hopefully doesn’t end up bitting me in the ass, costing more in the long run. If it was one of my first purchases, I’d be rocking Mitsubishi, but unfortunately it was one of the last things I bought, and completed my flower room.
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  7. In a similar situation myself, wish I had the foresight to make it one of the first things I got. Just chalking it up as a business expense seeing as it’s going in my workshop. Doesn’t help the current budget situation but it’ll come back to help me in the long run. Was a bit hesitant to pull the trigger on a Mitsubishi but it’s come highly recommend from here and the people I’ve talked to about it in person (just left out the grow space side of the convo).
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  8. I’ve been researching the Mitsubishi and the Daikin 18k btu mini split models. The Mitsubishi is almost twice as much as the Daikin. Is this just due to reliability? Seer rating? I just can’t see spending twice as much money on a unit when I can get one just about as good for half. But I don’t wanna throw any money away. I’m trying to use my mini split in my insulated garage (about 750sqft). Will the Daikin do the job?

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