Mini ghetto grow, First time grower.

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  1. My plants are about 3 & a half, almost 4 weeks old.
    I started these plants one day after smoking :smoking:then, next thing I know there getting big:eek:. So I made this homemade grow box with three cfls & one black light for warm.
    There in about 4Gal buckets in MG Premium Soil "moister control"
    They have about eight or nine leafs already & have a pretty good stinky smell coming from them. Their Mid type strain of bud not any high type of bud, so they tend to grow stretched & lanky.

    My first Pic is my healthiest plant, its rather greener than the others in person.:D
    The second pic is my whole setup & three plants.:rolleyes:
    The plant on the very left seems to be very droopy since I woke up this morning.:eek:
    The plant on the very right is my tallest one with the most leafs also. it has a great smell to it & looks alot light green unlike the other plants.:smoking:
    Also The plants look wet cause I just watered them before taking pics.
    I NEVER over water them, for anyone wondering:cool:.

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    how much wattage do you have in those cfls? you seem to be getting some beanstalk growth there, no strain should be like that. The lights look close enough, so the only thing i can think of is that you're way down on power. Maybe rig some kind of reflector.
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    Sfcol is right, they're not supposed to be that stretched.

    I currently have two young plants in my veg box very close to the same age as yours and they are under 5 CFLs just for vegging (about 130 actual watts). In my flower box I use 6 CFLs per plant (12 bulbs total at about 340 watts).

    The numbers that you see most frequently are: 100 watts for first plant, 50 watts per additional plant.

    Of course, if you're going to veg for 3+ months then a few CFLs probably won't cut it. The numbers are just a convenient guide for smaller grows. :cool:
  4. Nice start, I think he understands his space is less than ideal (Included Ghetto in his own title). If I where you I'd start playing with them either Top to make them bushier or LST it into a spiral. Or 12/12 and start your next seedlings.

    "They have about eight or nine leafs already & have a pretty good stinky smell coming from them."

    Never really had a stinky plant in veg you may want odour control for bud. Highly recommend using a DIY carbon filter and a computer fan designed for static pressure.

    "Their Mid type strain of bud not any high type of bud, so they tend to grow stretched & lanky. "

    Doesn't make allot of sense, looks more like they want more light.

    remember to experiment there are lots of ways to alter the environment there are great guides and shopping lists but you have to figure out what will work best for you.
  5. I don't think you are supposed to top plants that are not healthy and established. Increases the risk of our good friend, Cousin Herm, showing up to the party.

    I could be wrong, though...

    (LST should be no prob, though)
  6. the black light will not do you any favours, it could even be the reason for it stretching. as everyone is asking, what wattage are your lamps? they do look like they are stretching for light. what is your temperature?

    reflectors will direct an additional 50% of light at your plants so well worth sorting something out. even if its just a cut up beer can like this...

  7. or even a food container like this, its far from perfect but better than nothing if your skint

  8. Okay so these plants were more of a mistake then planned. I started them and two weeks later they were growing but it was already two weeks in and the stretching is due to low light or no light. I was out of town when I got back that's how they look, but now I've got them in separate 4Gal buckets with good soil & using nutes.
    The lights look like they aren't working, because I just added them to my ghetto setup.
    In total there is about 130Watt in the setup right now, but Next week or so I'm looking into buying 4 of these 42-Watt (200W) Daylight Twist CFL Light Bulb-ESL40TN/D at The Home Depot

    Also in about two weeks or so if they haven't grown any bigger I'm going to start flowering then harvest what i can and start over, when i can get money towards the 1/15/13 to buy new seeds at "attitude seeds"

    What do you guys think about them bulbs? I'm trying to stay energy efficient, and save money, due to low funds :\

    Also I appreciate everyone's advice a Ton!
    Also JetSki That's pretty awesome, thanks for the reflector tip!
  9. There looking better already from the lights today, also I've been letting them get sun light through the window too.
    Pic#1 My dark green shorter plant. Smelling great today! :smoking:
    Pic#2 My light green tallest plant, also smelly. "Aka Sasquatch lol"
    Pic#3 Both them together.

    I'm thinking once I get a couple 42 Watt daylight bulb 6500k I'll be doing alot better :D

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  10. are you sure those two lamps add up to 130watts? they look very small to me..
    dont get side tracked by the "inequivalent watts" thats just how much light they give off compared to incandescents but incandescents are not suitable for growing plants so are incomparable

    either way those new ones will do you proud :)
  11. I'd recommend cloning before throwing them into early bloom. Don't waste time germinating all over again.
  12. Could any give me tips on cloning? I'm new to all types of growing.
    And yeah jetski I'm defiantly gonna like the new lights alot better. you think the four will be enough also with the two 23watt soft white bulbs i already have?
    and what type of lights do you use?
  13. if you use 4x 42w cfls i wouldnt bother with the two 23watters, keep them separate to start your clones off perhaps. if you use them with the 4x 42w lamps they will probably just get in the way. 168watts on two small plants is plenty

    cloning can seem complicated when you first start to look in to it but once you have done your first round you will find its a very simple procedure. theres probably some how to clone threads on here somewhere, ill have a look now
  14. okay thanks for the advice, and yeah any posts on here about cloning and such would help a ton!!!:)
  15. Fuckin awesome reflectors jetski.. if the app allowed i would rep you on that... sweet ass Zero Budget stuff.. makin some for my veg box today...
  16. Since I haven't got any cash to get the 42 watters yet, I've been using the three other bulbs total of about 180Watts. Since I've improved on my reflectors and got a fan my plants are really starting to grow great and smell great! So I know when I get my other bulbs their going to grow amazing! I'll upload some pics later if any is interested?!?
  17. 180watts is plenty
  18. Update on my plants, I've started LSTing them everything went fine, but besides one of my plants almost snapped in the middle of the main stem. "Mainly my fault, newbie lol"

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  19. This is my tallest one that had problems when LSTing, besides that it is looking alot better due to the lights and smells a TON! :smoking:

    pic is the little spot of the fracture or snap? It isn't that bad & I'm sure the plant will make it. :hello:

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  20. Pic of Tallest plant with fracture.
    Also second pic is 3Grams of Pure Tangerine Kush Hash. It will get you Bakked:smoking::smoking::smoking::D

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