Mini-Fridge Grow Box!!!

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  1. My buddy and i recently began our first attempt at a growbox. It needs to be stealthy, because there are family members that shouldnt see this stuff :) this what we got

    2x 150w MH

    Fan driven intake and exaust, 2x 4.75" Bi-Sonic fans

    Samsung Model: SR-120G
    (old dorm fridge)

    Various screwdrivers
    Bolt cutters
    Forceps(or something similar e.g. needle nose pliers)

    Intended light placement, making H.D. run to get hooks to suspend with tomorrow.
    First question; Should we suspend the lights with chains and move the light up as needed, or, should we leave them stationary at the top of the fridge and use the racks to move the plant down from the light as we go?


    Not much to say here, shiny metal things.

    No space wasted
    We cut the freon lines and tore out the old compressor. In this void we stuffed the ballasts; they fit like a glove. To the left of the ballasts we used a Dremel to saw out a 4.75" square for out intake fan.

    Wireing went through the existing hole that once held the freon line.
    This was a small 1/4" hole, using forceps we beveled out the hole slightly and fed wires from the inside out. Throw some wire nuts and electrical tape and presto. We have electricity to the lights.

    Exhausting work
    Again using a Dremel with a cut off tool to cut another 4.75" square for the exhuast fan. Hence the carefully placed pun.

    Let there be light :cool:. 300w of 10,000K HQI
    The lights didn't finish warming up yet and the Camera couldnt take it.

    so basically we started by gutting it completely including ripping off the rack on the inside door. That has left exposed insulation and we were wondering what is the best to slap on there, other then Mylar. I've read mixed reviews about aluminum foil any other suggestions?

    next stepped was the cutting, fitting and wireing. already covered in the pics.

    We feel as if we are well on our way however we would like some feedback.

    The only things left to do on our lovely Fridge after a days worth of work is to do something with the lights, and get power to our fans.

    again any feedback would be great.:)
  2. I was wondering how to go about doing this, I have a minifridge sitting around and wanted to use it for the same reasons. :smoking:
  3. how did u get the freon line out and where did you guys pick up your lights at?
  4. damn... 47 Views and no questions answered. :(

    To answer your question Nuggs,

    First of all, **VERY IMPORTANT** When cutting the freon lines and removing the compressor, you MUST go outside. Freon is obviously no good for you.

    First you gotta locate the freon tube. It was a hard metal tube that ran from the top of the back of the fridge, down to the compressor. We used wire cutters, bolt cutters, anything we could to get it open. Once it was cut, we tipped the fridge and let the freon drain into a pile of leaves in my driveway. When it was done we ripped out the clip-tie thingies that held the compressor in and voila! a fridge w/o a compressor.

    As for the lights, we got the from a fish/aquatics store.... a special 5 finger discount :D

    If anyone could read up and maybe attempt to give us any feedback or answers to our questions it would be greatly appeciated!!!!

  5. I hope the fridge was filled with r134a and not r12, but either way it looks like its coming along nice. Depending on how many plants you plan to have in there I think it would be easier to have the lights stationary at the top and move the plants up and down so you dont have to worry about the wires.
  6. why not have the fridge still working hook it up to a thermstat so if your heat gets to high it will turn on for you and keep things at the right temp??

    nice job BTW I run a full fridge old 40's one that I have had for over 20yrs!! after 5 yrs of the wife telling me how much hydro it sucked I took out the compressor and crap, and now wish I did'nt , my temp would run alot better if I had thought about more first!! but now it sucks hydro for the cause!!
    you might need more fans?? I found those PC fans did'nt do much for me!!
    do alot of testing with heat before you get plants in it ,plants will just add more heat so you should be prepared

  7. Satchmo, what exactly do you mean by that? what is the difference between r134a and r12??

    In response to bitter scooter,
    1st of all the fridge was not fully functional, so the thermostat is out of the question.

    2nd of all, ive learned from looking at past mini-fridge grows in the forum that a fridge is designed to keep a certain amount of air cool,and to maintain that temperature. Having ventilation and lights in it would eventually blow the compressor, which would eventually lead us back to where we are now. So we skipped the aggravation of a possible set back, and took out the compressor altogether.

    I bet that fridge from the 40's is a friggin horse tho, could possibly be why the compressor hasnt blown yet.
  8. R12 kills the ozone layer r134a afaik does not.
  9. So we got the lights up today! We used satchmo's advice on keeping the lights stationary,(Props to Satchmo) and used hooks and some random metal craft wire that i had lying around the house to get them suspended. Heres a picture of the box with the lights up.


    Although we had never mentioned it before in the thread, we were wondering what to put on the inside of the door, since we took off the rack. We figured tin foil wouldnt hurt, and was a real simple solution.


    Does anyone have any better ideas as to what i might be able to replace this with? or is the foil good enough??

    Oh yeah, i almost forgot. we ran into a small problem with the fans. neither of them work.. pssh. Im going out and grabbing a couple more tomorrow afternoon.

    Soon after we will begin testing.
    :rolleyes: Cant wait!

    Feedback y'all, plz leave some feedback.

    Thx for the help thus far!
  10. I went out today and bought some fans and a sheet of activated carbon filter. cost me about 75 bucks between the 3 items.
    I began testing as soon as i got the fans plugged in. Its about 90 degrees right now.:cool:im gonna run it for a little while longer just to make sure it wont get too hot.

    Keeping in mind that the plants need to be kept short, Does anyone have any suggestions on what soil and nutes i should use?
    I hear foxfarm is the best for nutes. I also hear that miracle grow soil sucks. Can anyone throw some ideas my way???

  11. u should use 4 fans, if its really 90 in there...where are u taking temps?

    hydro would be soo easy in ur setup, cheap too
  12. Isnt that a pretty good temp to be growing in?? I moved the thermometer towards the top of the fridge, its about 5 or 6 inches from the lights.

    And would you care to give me a bit more detail about making my setup hydro???

    Thx man!
  13. 75-78 is ideal. I grow in 85 and still have good results. At 90 with out any co2 being added to the room growth really slows down and can hurt growth later hurting yields down the road.
  14. So do you advise that i use one of those Co2 injection systems? or isnt there a way i can produce co2 with yeast?

    Does anyone think it will bring down our temperature but not hurt the overall process if i cut out one light from the operation??

    I really dont want to have to add any more electrical appliances.

    What options might i have???

    Thx for the continued help everyone!!
  15. Ok, so I was hoping we could get to use both of the lights, but it seems much more suitable to use just one light. i powered down one light and left the fans running for about an hour and a half. The temp went down to about 75 and as swa swa said thats an ideal temperature.

    Does anyone think it will matter if the light isnt centered at the top of the fridge????

    The way i have it set up now, the two lights are side by side.(as you can see from the pics.)now that im only using one, could it just stay where it is?? I just dont want to have to drill anymore holes into the top.

  16. Honestly bro instead of asking a million questions and asking people to just hand you information doesnt always get things done. You should really get reading -- ill be nice.

    these are 3 very good guides to get you started also. forums are very good for growing. also the dr.chronic forums have some good journals and microgrows such as yours.
  17. I had actually done alot of research on the subject, i hadnt gotten this far out of just an epiphany. Im just trying to get the most out of what ive got, forgive me for asking too many questions... Im just trying to get more ideas, Its not so much that i need help, more like opinions from those who might have experience with a setup like mine.

    those first 3 guides ive read through already. But the icmag one ive never heard of. thanks for the link.

    On another note, I was thinking about getting one of those $15 solar powered fans i see on infomercials all the time. I hate the idea of having to take out one of those lights...

    I suppose theres not much more to update on until i get something living inside this box.
  18. you might want to try and have a dedicated air tight space for those lights using plexiglass and caulk maybe....and have two fans just for the lights....that will help with temps a lot.
  19. after a brief delay of six to eight months we have started the project.

    we have six one quart deli containers with Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. No nutes yet obviously. watered nicely. Covered tops with syran wrap to create high humidity micro climates.

    Temp: 73*F
    24/0 under only one of the two bulbs

    unfortunetly a cellphone camera was not powerful enough to cope with the light out put so ill have to go back to the space with my nasty camera later on this week and get the start up pics, perhaps we'll have nice little seedlings by then.

    By morning i hope to have it rocking at a toasty 77-78* . i have a fan for the intake that is currently not being used that i can kick on if it starts warming up too much.

    we plan on carefully monitoring the seedlings and LST untill sexable, weeding out the males, quite literally, and then kicking over to 12/12. I'm hoping for a 6 week veg and a 8-10 week flower. Does anyone think this is a ridiculous time frame to go upon in this scenario?

    second question is given the fact that we do not want massive plants in this small set up, does anyone have any suggestions for nutes that are suitable for our situation. I'm thinking "Open Sesame" and/or "big bloom" by fox farm when the times right. but as far as in a couple weeks when they start needing nutes, what is good for plants enduring the strain that LST implies?

  20. looks realls good man good fucking work!!!
    i really like it. man keep us updated

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