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  1. I asked previously what to do next with sprouts that are in rock wool cubes. My intention is to eventually get them into 5-Gal DWC containers.

    I found these 1 gallon Type "2" HTPE food grade buckets a Dollar General.
    I hooked them up with a grommet & 1/2" elbow and 6" drip guide

    I then used the large container net pots w, hydroton pebbles to hold the cubes.
    everything is powered by airstones via Gang Valve. 4- to the pots, 1 - to the con bucket in the phototron, 1 to 5-Gallon PH'd water with nutrients.
    200w HPS and 250 CFL overhead with a fan pushing across the top for circulation.

    These will easily fit right on the (4) 5-Gal buckets in my flower tent, when they are ready.

    Supplemental: Im working on a Cloner in the Phototron, but the extra seeds ar on there now. I took a bucket lid and drilled (With hole saw) 2" holes (7) of them, and just put the sprouts in there too. Evertthing is 18 on / 6 off.
    Fingers Crossed.
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  2. It's gonna over grow that 1 gallon with roots very quick bro, minimal 3.5 unless you 12 12 from seed

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  3. The netpots are going on 5-Gal's as soon as the roots come through.
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  4. Excellent news man. If ya need anything just holler bro

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