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Mini Bong or Aswome Bubbler??????

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CIEGOITO, May 21, 2010.

  1. Hi im new to grasscity and to smoking, and i wanted to get a bubbler or a bong. I need help choosing what one. the bong is 6 in and has thick glass, but wont fit into my hiding spot and the other spots are really risky. but the bubbler is 5 in and will fit in the hiding spot. Both are thick rood glass and they both have a good sized bowl. can any one help me decide they are both the same price does a mini bong get you higher then a bubbler???? HELPPPPP thaks:smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  2. I'd get the bubbler, because they're more portable, and since you'll be hiding it you don't want to take any chances by risking those other spots.
  3. I'd personally go for the bong, but just because I like bongs. But for you, I'd say the bubbler for sure. They are much more portable.
  4. bubbler. they're more portable. i got my first bubbler 2 weeks ago and i love it :)
  5. i would go for the bub. at such a small size, the bong might get water in your mouth. bubblers ftw. bongs are great in a larger size though :) ^ agree with above poster about smoothness and taste
  6. Id Go With The Bubbler Aswell
    I Fucking Love Bongs And Ive Got Over 15
    But I Find That A 6'Mini Bong Wouldent Be Worth It, Because Usually They Cant Hold Much Water, So I Find Their Quite Harsh, The Risk Of Splash Back Is Also A Issue

    Bubblers Are Great And Portable, Also If You Dont Have Water You Can Still Smoke It Like A Pipe
    Where Smoking A Bong Dry Would Just Hurt Lol

    Just My Opinion Tho
    As Long As Ur Gettin Baked Thats All That Matters
  7. Bubblers r the best thats what i primarily use:smoke:
  8. I'd rather get a nice bubbler than a so-so bong, but hey, that's just me. Go for what you want man.
  9. go for the bubbler maang. More portable and it fits in your spot.
  10. Bubbler man, I have one about that size and it's day and night compared to a normal bowl. A bong would be cool, but a mini one seems to defeat the purpose. A nice bubbler will not diappoint you. Post some pics when you pick up your new device.

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