Mini 150w HPS 2x2x4' "Hashwreck" personal grow HARVESTED

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    Hi all.
    This will be my first grow journal here on GC. I don't know why I feel the need to post it in a public forum. I'll just get that out of the way. This is for personal back pain and stress relief medicine only and is in no way intended for anybody but me. I'm born and raised here in Cali and have my legal MMJ recommendation and do not plan on selling anything or giving anything to anybody. My personal mini garden. Thanks for stopping by!

    The plan is a Sun System 150W HPS in 2x2x4' "Homebox XS" brand/model tent from ebay. The 150W HPS I bought says it's perfect for a 2x2 area. My 400W was too much for me to cool in 2x2x4' space so I'll be trying this route now. I'm shooting for maximum 6 female plants to about 2' high, although I think this might be a tall strain. I will probably veg for a short amount of time and flower young. Veg will be done with CFLs in the 125w 6500K 7,500 lumen range via batwing or 27w CFL's in "clamp-on" light sockets in a separate closet.

    I figure I will see some males in the bunch so will downsize according to sex, space and lighting constraints when necessary. I may also be able to add supplemental CFL lighting when needed.

    Not much else to it really but two timers. One for the Veg light and one for the 150w hps flowering light in the tent. I will also have my 6" fan rigged with my "Bucket Muffler" and a speed control going 24/7 in the tent as well as a small 9" box fan. All taken into consideration I shouldn't be hitting over $50 a month on this system running the Veg light 18/6 and the flower 12/12.

    For medium, although I've had good success with Rumples' hydro buckets, I am using FFOF mixed about (roughly) 60/40 to Perlite. Also used an inch thick layer of Perlite on the bottom for good drainage. I'd like to get away with these tiny 6" drained plastic pots for now, at least until I see how many pop female and then I can transplant to larger containers. Will get back to hydro after I see what happens with these beans.

    Speaking of genetics..
    These were the best bagseed I could source without being able to order from breeders for now. These beans came from some very "trichy" medication I scored called "Hashplant x Trainwreck". This stuff was LOADED with trichomes! Should be a nice producer since I picked It's buds from a selection of 40 or so strains and know how it buds and smokes. I was lucky enough to find 8 of the beans but tossed the two baddies right away.

    This time I think I have it figured out so keep checking back and maybe I'll have something to show for all the trial and error.

    -SmokinTrichs :bongin:

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  2. nice dude! i like how you mounted the fan on the basket thing! this time dont pull them lol... why no BB this time?
  3. That tents sick. I should look into one for myself.
  4. Thanks for stopping by.

    Already know I can get the buckets to work. Rumple and Lucas made that simple.

    Soil, I need to learn. Not so good with that. I'd rather tackle the stuff I'm worst at first I guess. Level 10 before level 1 ;)

    I got a few early poppers overnight.. put them in the soil under 27w cfl until leaves show and hoping for at least two more!

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  5. nice! you planning on giving them any nutes? the nute feeding schedule for my soil plant was Feed, water, water, feed so feed one day and water for 2 days then feed again.. seemed to work well for me...dont give them nutes till there bigger though lol i learned that the hard way lol i might go to medco organics tomorrow lol
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    Nice dude Medco is good!
    I just scored a seed out of my Purple Dragon from that place!
    I'm hoping it's a good seed. I could not pop it when I squeezed it. That strain is sativa.. it has a light colored looking seed like those seeds that were hard to germinate and took extra long from my Thai Haze that I pulled last week :(:D

    I don't know about nutes in soil yet. One thing I have to learn in this grow I suppose!

    Looks like I only got four of my "Hashwreck" seeds to pop so far. Maybe I'll get lucky and get the last two to pop late.. The two biggest seeds haven't germed yet.. but look a little swollen on the ends like a taproot might pop out soon.

    Here's some purple dragon porn and the seed for next time!
    You can actually see where the seed popped out of that bud on the left. The seed casing is still attached to the bud in the middle. =D

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  7. So i think one of those tents would be perfect for me. Does it have something to hang the ballast? I hang my two cfl set ups off a closet bar which works well. Also, did you get it for like 100?
  8. Yeah it cost about that.
    My friend drove and picked one up he found on ebay for $70 brand new but different brand.
    The one I have is from this company. The XS version. it was about $100 plus shipping.

    It has 4 crossbars that are repositionable to hang things from.
    See my pic below.
    It also came with straps for the carbon filter and a small fan.
    See the directions here. The straps and filter/fan layout are shown.

    My 6" fan seems a bit large to stuff in the tiny 2x2 tent. No biggie. More flower room.

    I must warn you though, it can be tough to cool these tents and keep them dehumidified.
    You may end up buying more gear with it! My 400w HPS cooltube with digi ballast ran about 85-95* in there and my 150w hps runs about 85 even. my 125w 6500K CFL runs about 83*. My temps outside the tent are based at 83 as well..

    I have 4 in soil waiting to see daylight any second now. Still no roots from the last two in the towel. Have the babies under 2x27w6500K to keep them warmish. Not much action yet..

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  9. this grow has inspired me to do something very similar, i will be following very closely to see how your final crop turns out. How do you like the 150watt hps vs doing cfls?
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    Thanks for stopping in.
    Not sure on the 150w HPS vs. CFL question.
    I've never completed a grow with either so I can't say to be honest :eek:
    I have grown plants with buds on them but not to finish.
    I do know the CFL's run much cooler than the HPS so if it's really hot where you are might want to think about CFL's instead! Much easier to manage heat wise. If you are going bigger than this the only way to go would be HPS. Any smaller CFL's probably..

    In the photo above with the CFL's and HPS, the hps is not turned on yet. Gonna wait a bit on the HPS still. I figure 3-4 weeks veg oughta do it.

    We have liftoff!
    4 germinated and 3 of those 4 have popped up to see the light.
    1 left to come out of the closet and the last two did not germ.

    Now we just need to hope for a couple females!

    I will also be able to squeeze in a side project or two now that I didn't get all six babies.

    Here's first light shots! Nothing like coming home to new plants after a nice day of baked fishing from a tube in the ocean.

    I'll try and keep the unnecessary updates to a minimum from here on out. lol

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  11. Woops!
    These lil boogers were faster than expected!
    Faster than most other seeds I've played with.
    They're growing quick and they got a little stretchy on me in one day!
    Pulled them out of the 2x2 and put them into my Veg area under 125w6500K.
    They'll go back in the flowering 2x2 when they get a little more stout and a few more nodes in a couple weeks. :)

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  12. Well I got them to stop stretching but about 2" too late! lol
    Here they be currently. Put them under 24/0 125w6500k for now.
    I see the second leafset about to pop out soon already.

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  13. *pulls up a chair and some popcorn*
    nice set up, ill be watchin :)
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    Well this should get pretty interesting since I'm a noob. Stick around for the freakshow.
    I told my buddy I don't have green thumbs. lol. Never have.

    I tried growing once in a "nightstand" when I was younger but used wrong lights and too much heat etc. Never could get it to work but never really knew what I was doing anyways.

    I guess this is all a good learning experience.

    So far I have put my little babies through stretching, drowning and scorching 91* temps.
    If any survive female it will be nothing short of a miracle! lol

    At least this is good practice for when I try some "good" seeds.

    Here they are at 8 days.

    -SmokinTrichs :bongin:

    Clockwise order: Drowny (far left) Burny (far right) Stretchy (front right) and "NORML" (front left)

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  15. Lookst good bro. I like the setup alot. :hello:
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    Sorry bout last night RooRtokeage I don't do AIM or YIM anymore I get stuck online chatting with old friends and family. :eek::D

    Just to reiterate this is a Homebox XS. (Click right there to go see it. lol) I've had a few questions about it. It's not the reflective version inside but I kinda like the white myself. Just my opinion I dunno. Yeah, it was expensive in comparison to other tents it's size as well. I paid extra for it in my paranoia being a non PVC unit when apparently I wouldn't have had to worry about PVC tents anyways. Oh well.

    As promised, some more updates!
    Picked up some more of that crazy Purple Dragon sativa and some NYC Diesel amongst others on a dispensary run yesterday. I'll throw in some pics of the "purps drag" and a bonus shot of some seeds I got from another dispensary. Dude said they are from an OG bush, so we'll see eventually I guess. I paid $40 for 5 seeds so they better be nice! I can already tell one probably won't pop. I named them "Blue Sky OG" according to where they were obtained and the fact that I was told they are OG.
    I think they will be fun to grow just because they came from a mysterious older foreign dude who swears they are good shit. lol Straight magic beanstalk beans.

    Still waiting on my "breeder designer beans"!

    ..and finally,
    "The Hashwrecks".
    They're working on another leafset as we speak! Temps in my veg closet have dropped dramatically the last couple days and they are loving life! Almost time for more water. I'm thinking about 16oz's water each for 5-7 more days. Maybe a little much. Today they are 10 days old.

    Thanks for checking in all.

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  17. Lookin good dude. Youve gotten a lot of growth in 3 days.
  18. Looks good. I was reading last night on these Grow tents. Alot are saying they are not Light Sealed. That the light goes through the Zippers. I like the DR80 grow rooms. These are the Silver Liner instead of white like yours. The price is just up there, and I kinda spent like 65-70 on buildn a damn cabinet. Figures right........

    Well Im off to finding one of these cheap. Now you said you have a 250 cfl in there?
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    Right now I have a 150hps in the tent (not in use while the babies get some 24/7 cfl action).
    I had a 400w HPS cooltube in there before and it was do-able I guess. :D
    little on the warm side of things when it heats up outside but I bet I can get away with it in winter. I'm hanging on to the 400w for now to see if I might be using it as a winter lighting system.

    I've tried all kinds of lights in there. The most friendly seems to be a 150w HPS. a 250w CFL will probably get just as hot.

    The tents are not 100% light proof. I found mine to be 99.7% light proof.
    I had to add a couple small pieces of foil tape to the inside of the tent over some tiny pinhole light leaks. Took me 5 minutes to light proof this thing. Much easier and more reliable than light proofing my closet.

  20. thank you. I am thinking a 250 hps. ALot of people say never get a 150 hps. But you will show the proof

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