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  1. Has anyone ever pointed their finger directly at the middle of your head and you felt a weird sensation? Does anyone know what that is?

    Earlier today in the morning I stumbled in my brothers room. He was sleeping and out of nowheres I got the idea to point my finger at the middle of his head. About 3 seconds in his eyes began moving, which I found to be pretty cool. It wasn't like he was in R.E.M sleep because I was observing him before I tried my experiment.
  2. It seems sleeping people have more sensitive sensation of surroundings. Sometimes my phone will vibrate and not wake me up but I'll wake up a few minutes later and check it and it woke me up but it took a few minutes to register. Also, when people enter the room silent I'll just sense it and wake up with someone on the other side of the room. It would be interesting to do some research on and see if anyone has studied it.
  3. it's cuz you are touching your third eye, which sees into your soul
  4. if i were your brother...i'd feel very disturbed to know you were fingering my forehead while i was sleeping...
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  5. Yup, all the time. I've never tried it on someone sleeping, but if I do this I get like this magnetized pulling airy feeling on my forehead.

    Same thing happens on the top of your head, if you want to try it sometime. If you wiggle your fingers about 4 or 5 inches directly above the center of the top of your head you can feel it, like, inside your head. :smoking:

  6. Hahahahaha!!

  7. I always go to sleep knowing how many people are in the same room as I. If it changes I'll wake up , for example when my girlfriend gets out of bed and goes to the bathroom I'll almost always wake up because I can no longer feel her presence. Same goes for other people entering the room while I'm sleeping. Being a light sleeper , coupled with the ability to kind of 'sense' people's presence causes this.
    It's pretty annoying actually.
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    I've know this sensation since I was a little kid when I pointed a pencil between my eyebrows, it's your third eye so to speak. I don't even have to point anything at it now, I'm feeling that sensation just thinking about it right now. It's an extension of your 6th chakra

    You can PM me if you want me to explain it any further, since I'm not in the mood to put up with anyones insults of things they have no understanding of. I've decided to take this little quote more seriously from now on.

    Man in the future will deny the mysteries
    but always the way the seeker will find.

    Now I command ye to maintain my secrets,
    giving only to those ye have tested,
    so that the pure may not be corrupted,
    so that the power of Truth may prevail."
  9. Yes, I'm also sensitive to entities entering the presence when I'm asleep. If I'm not dreaming at the time I'll wake up, but if I'm dreaming when they come in my room while sleeping I dream their appearance in my dream. My brother always comes in my room late at night to look for my cigarettes, its really annoying. Sometimes I just want to get up and knock his lights out. :p

    I've also noticed this since I was a young child. Sometimes it will occur randomly when I'm laying down, I always take that as a sign to get into meditation. :)
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