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    So I went to go see a movie this week with a girl that had a crush on me about 5 months ago but broke it off because I was too much of a wimp back then. I would still see her every now and then because she is friends with my friends. Fast forward to now, we go back to my place, start making out, then says I'm scary because she's my first girlfriend......:confused:

    Anyone care to elaborate on the meaning of that? We don't hang out that often, maybe like once every 2 weeks, nor do we have the type of conversations a couple has. She is also reluctant to tell people if we are doing something together so maybe she wants the whole boyfriend experience on the side:confused:
  2. She said you were "scary" because shes your first girlfriend? It sounds like she is embarrassed by you, or by the fact that you never had a girlfriend before (like that somehow makes you weird... it doesn't.) When you are dating someone, you should both at least be pretty into each other and WANT to hang out. Having the "boyfriend experience" on the side is bullshit, and its an excuse for her to not tell other people about you. I say drop this bitch. Because she is a BITCH.

    Someone will come along who really likes you. Don't waste your time on someone who is inevitably gonna make you feel like shit.

  3. She said it's scary that she's my first ever girlfriend, even though she has never mentioned the fact that we are a "couple" ever.Last time I checked, a couple hang out often, and go on dates and what not. She definitely is into me (or I hope she is) otherwise, why would she want to hang out with me and let me do things beyond the "friends" zone:confused:
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    I'm not sure I understood your story dude. Okay she said she's scared because you're her first boyfriend? But you're wondering if she wants the whole boyfriend thing? So are you together or not? I'm confused. But here's my advice if you like the girl ask her out. No confusion. No bullshit. And she won't be able to try to hide what's going on or keep you in the friend zone.

    Unless...you are together. Then I just don't understand what you're asking.
  5. Haha k, heres the whole time line since I got to know her. I found out she liked me in January of this year. Started hanging out with her in March. I was a wuss back (made out, etc.) then so she got pissed at me and didn't really have any further interest in me. Saw her a few times over the summer, still seemed pissed at me. Near the end of summer, she would occasionally hit on me and feel me up, etc. Fast forward to this week, we watched a movie, came to my house, had a convo about life and what not, made out ----> says it's scary that she's my first ever girlfriend.
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    Okay, thanks for clarifying. Again, if you really like her than simply really ask her out.
    Officially. That'll cut all the BS. If you don't want to do that then let her know. First losing interest in you because you were a 'wuss' [AKA don't wanna get hurt in girl language] and now thinking that you're together because you've hung a few times shows she's a sensitive girl. So have a talk with her and clarify things and everyone will be happy. Good luck, let us know.
  7. True, what have I got to lose if I ask her out? If she's saying she's my girlfriend then why would she refuse?
  8. Exactlyyyy;)
  9. The only thing I don't understand is she is keeping things on the DL towards the public spectrum, like she's really secretive about us.

  10. You just sound like you wanna lose man think like a winner!
  11. That is weird. but once you clarify things she won't be able to do that naymore. At least she'll have no excuse whatsoever for doing it.
  12. In my opinion, I'd say fuck it. Still kinda confused about the nature of what she means--and that i'm not blamin on the bud. In truth, if this is just a fling then it's fine to keep things on the hush hush, but if this is some relationship ish, then i'd bounce because, i'd rather be single then to be this girls biggest "Secret" no point in bein with someone if they treat you like some piece of shame ya know...?

    Perhaps my advice, comment might not be relevant but i figured to give my piece.

  13. im still confused about what she was scared about? you are her first boyfriend? OR she would be your first girlfriend?
  14. "I am your first girlfriend," is what she said.:confused:

  15. She said that because its a lack of confidence in you. Like I said think like a winner and these questions will become irrelevant and if you still thinking like a winner and she acts up you'll know when she becomes irrelevant
  16. Is she insinuating I ask her out? I'm going to regardless but I still dont understand why she said that:confused:

  17. She's just scared you're gonna hurt her dude just keep it real and don't make an issue out of a non-issue
  18. But we have never gone out officially (or enough for that matter):confused:

  19. So go out and eliminate her fear. The thing you're doing right now, being a worrying warrick is what she's doing right now. Relate to that and rise from it

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