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    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTm9kS8tcoE&feature=related"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTm9kS8tcoE&feature=related[/ame]So its tthe summer, im fresh outta high school just chillin. Yesterday around this same time i took two hits off my dugout, today i unknowingly repeated the exact same thing. two hits off dugout of the same budd but instead today i feel extremely baked compared to yesterday :smoke:

    Yesterday: I got high while on here bumpin some Primo Beats (Yes Sir, The Mighty DJ Premier)
    and i ironed like 3-4 different shirts so i could go see my ladyy. 12 minute bike ride there, I was cruising. then i chill with her for a couple hrs, my high wears off. But My whole high felt like a decent lengthy BUZZ

    Today: I do the same routine, and instead chill bumpin some more DJ PREMIER, then i surf GC watching some funny youtube vids, this one in particular had me cracking up
    and i feel a stronger high, much more then a buzz

    I think it depends on the activity you engage in while stoned alongw with ur environment that +/- affects ur high
    Haha, i feel productive :D
  2. funny vid bro got me lolling:smoke:
  3. I like the one where he made the barrier of dog shit :hello:
  4. I lol'd there too.
  5. i also notice that i need to be in a certain environment and mindset to have a good high.

    If i smoke when i am rushed or busy i get less high, and when i blaze before bed i am most relaxed so i get more high.
  6. 3:26
    Girls bikini has pot leaf on it

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