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mind numbing strain?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by venom21, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Hello all,

    im looking for somethin with a very heavy stone that gives couch lock as well as being mind numbing. it is supposed to be for insomnia. lol in other words i want somethin that will paralyze/put me in a temporary coma. thanks.

  2. Ingrid is my go to strain for severe insomnia.
  3. eat some shrooms hahaha jk...

    sour diesel is great..
  4. ... Sour D gives me a head high and makes me active... anything severely sativa should do the trick, just ask the person at the dispensary what's good to put you to sleep.
  5. one thing is though i have to be able to find it on worldwide seeds, i didnt see ingrid on there.
  6. Read the indica/sativa ratio or percentages of the strains available. 100% Sativa or close to it will get you stoned, not high, more of a numbing coma feeling for sure.

  7. This isn't true.

    An indica is what gives you the body high, while a sativa gives you a head high.
    If you want help with sleeping/pain/or want couch lock, you want a heavy indica.

    [Sour D is a sativa, not an indica]
  8. Fuck sorry, glad some body pointed that out hahaha
  9. No worries. :)
  10. Yeah, if you want couch-lock strains you go for Indicas. Personally I love Afghani, Walter and other heavy duty Indica strains.

    Unfortunately they all tend to be expensive strains

    Also OG Kush is awesome, BUT it's not a pure Indica contrary to popular belief, it's more of a hybrid.
  11. thanks a lot that list is nice
  12. try white rhino?
  13. Purple Urkel gives me a good stone.
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    Stay away from OG Kush if you're trying to fall asleep. It has a heavy hitting Indica side (although different genetics/batches tend to differ), but really is a hybrid, so will feel high octane at points. I'd suggest a hard hitting indica strain or, if you can get some, a really pure, potent sativa as those can knock you out as well. In concert with strains, though, I think what you're really looking for are amber trichomes.

    Out of the "kush" strains, a good Bubba (pre98, etc) or Hindu will get you chilled and numbed out (although a lot of bubba comes out as junk). OG would do the same except the only reason I usually sleep after smoking OG is because I smoked a lot that day and got assed by the end of it lol
  15. want something to put you to sleep? smoke schwag.

  16. yeah ill do exactly that..
  17. hashplant. la confidential., basicaly any afgani weed
  18. Blueberry always puts me on the couch and unable to get up or do basically anything. The handful of times I've smoked it all I did was eat and then sit on the couch and watch tv and passsss outtt.
  19. Deep Chocolate Chunk X Strawberry Cough

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