Mills versus grinders

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  1. I was looking at buying a new grinder and doing some research. During the process, I found out that now I can mill my marijuana instead of grind it up.

    I am curious if anyone has tried this? If so do you have a preference?
  2. I’ve never used a mill , an article with info on them . We’re do you even buy mills any links to any ? Any on g city ?
    I use a ceramic non stick 2.5” Grinder.
    History of Weed Grinders and Why Flower Mill is Changing the Game - Thrillist
  3. Thank you for sharing the link. I found some online searching through Google, Mills that is. I would just like to get someone who's used a mill and get their opinion as opposed to an advertisers opinion.
    I do like the idea of not having to collect my trichomes in the form of kief.
  4. hopefully someone who used one can help
    You out . Yes I knew about them but didn’t buy one.
    my grinder was off brand , generic so it doesn’t steal all my keif like some of the fancier ones . I’ll check the collector but I don’t think the screen is letting much in.
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  5. This is all the keif ℹ collected in 1 year. So not all grinders are diluting your weed .

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  6. hmm I've always preferred my grinder for the good stuff. the legal stuff well I "mill" that into my bowl using my fingers because it's so dry.

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