Millions Of Us Citizens Calls Monitored

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    Here is my suggestion to stop this madness in America.
    Start and end every conversation on the phone with the word's jihad, bomb, al queda or whatever else you think they have voice recognition monitoring for.
    I dunno, We just had the interception of information act passed in South Africa and I personally think this is all a load of bullshit.
    Luckily in SA trendepeneurship is more important to our leaders than getting the job done so I doubt it will make any difference for quite some time (unless you are a politician in an opposition party).
    What are your thoughts?

  2. I say go for it. End every phone call with al qaeda and begin every convo with "the package is in place"
  3. I'm all set on having the FBI knock on my door tomorrow...

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    Spread the word, set a date and everyone starts at the same time.
    I am not American so don't really care that much about your privacy (besides the violation I suspect would end up becoming even more global as most pansy assed politicians have nose so far up Americas butt it's not even funny).
    Anyway :)
  5. If everyone did it, they couldn't knock on all of our doors!
  6. of course all your texts are also monitored and I can guarantee you things like weed, spliff, bong, papers, 8'th etc are also tagged.
  7. im a terrorist. come get me
  8. well thats down right scary, good thing i dont know anyone whos gotten busted for texting about pot
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    Patriot act allows the government to pretty much bypass any need for court warrants to seize evidence.

    But other than terrorism, they can't use anything they collect without warrants in the court of law.
    It'd get dismissed in a second.

    So unless you're a big time dealer, you really don't have to worry about mentions of medicine on texts/calls, unless those are sent to your dealer lol obviously.

    As corrupt as the law system is, they still need a pretty concrete and reasonable suspicion for a respectable judge to sign off on any warrants, whether if it's a wiretap or searches.

    Obviously everything is out the door if the situation is your getting pulled over by a cop, cause they will just call on the k9 units if they'd like to search a car.
    The canines are trained to pretend they smell something when given the command to so so.
    And a k9 suspicion will always make sure the search warrants get expedited right away.

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  10. While china moves toward capitalism, America moves toward communism
  11. I don't do much illegal shit, but well if weed and shit words are tagged, then I bet I give the feds pages a day to readdd.
  12. I think they have bigger shit to worry about then some stoners buying weed. I'm not worried about it. The only illegal thing i do is smoke pot, other than that I'm an exemplary citizen.  Listen to my phone calls, you'll either get really bored, or really horny, thats about it.
  13. The calls themselves weren't monitored.

    The metadata was. That means the phone numbers, phones, locations, times, etc. Not the actual words spoken.

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