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  2. where's it at? I don't see any milk!! :mad:

  3. this, whats big idea here?
  4. ah i found the milk hiding, the first pic is actually a vid, click it and see. still i've seen more milk in my days, you should get some real milk up and that bonggg :D
  5. sorry didnt tell ya bout the first ones the vid

    and it was jus my lil tenth ice pinch thats all it takes :)

    but todays my day off so i may pack my big ip up for yall :)
  6. do it man. Looks like your piece should milk up nicely. :cool:
  7. ok packed the big bowl

    click the pic its a vid

    so that hit was like 6/10ths the pack i didnt finnish the bowl sat it down for later super blazed:D
  8. noiceeee. second one does the tube justice fa sho :hello:
  9. Yeeesss now thats the stuff! :eek:
  10. hook it up with a full 18 downstem,
    how tall is your tube?
    i have a syn mini dome =)
  11. it is 16 inches tall
    its got a gmd sh diffy on the way to
    its also a 18/14

    i jus got a new tube from a friend who was low on cash its 18/18 but i dont got any 18 slides :(
  12. this tube is crazy smooth too, right? what an awesome pickup
  13. my GMD shdiffy came in today my tube jus got alot smother and it perrrrrs very smoth :) im very very very pleased :))
  14. milk with ashcatcher?
  15. i do have a a/c i can milk it with :) haha

    ill post back with milk
  16. i like the look of those syn dome percs
  17. the bubbles just brush up on the walls.(0:10 into the vid)
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFXX_as4qeY]YouTube - SYN MOLINO HEFE 1[/ame]
    lovin it!
  18. the drag doesn't look that bad

    I want a syn cuz I'm from nc.
  19. its not :) and the stock syn diffy had a restrictor ring once i changed over t my GMD showhead crazy zero drag.

    darkclouds is using pretty high water levels it seems.

    i did take a milk vid last night got high forgot to post it ahah

    i dont normally use my a/c it add way more drag than i want and filter a lil to much taste but once its on there from smooth to silk hits haha

    and yes i love that my syn is from nc bc that where im from :)

  20. yes i love how they do that on mine to :)

    how do you fill your tube up? i learned this neat trick with perc'd tubes
    1 get a glass of water i like luke warm
    2 sit bong on table
    3 take out diffy
    4 pour water in top fill up tube
    5 water drops from top to bottom fillin perc perfect amount and in the base adjust as needed for your diffy i like just above slit a lilbit

    when u get used to this method you can fill it perfect with little to no ajustment in the base :)

    also sweet slide :)

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