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  1. just a question ive been asking my self for a long time. Why the hell does milk taste like complete shit after u smoke?
  2. milk is cool
  3. milk is wasnot meant to suck the juices from another mammals tit

    disagree with me agian






  5. chocolate milk, dun

  6. This, coming from the ICE CREAM MAN...

    Good to see your freaky ass, NuBBs!!!!!!
  7. hey..I got no beef with cream and its creamy friends...ive got the beef with the milk...sure its got calcium and other essential vitamins..for a BABY COW!...humans arent spozed to drink milk after theyve finished sucking their mothers dry (did that sound as perverted as I think it did?)...everything you can get from milk, you cna find somewhere else....BTW milk is 2% puss on average..oh and it tastes like shit..uinless i just ate peanut butter or cake or something where milk is essential
  8. yeah how would you feel if someone played with you're tits and didn't fuck you??...cow's must be very frustrated out...Sid
  9. hell i think milk sucks anytime and all the time
  10. Milk is OH SO NASTY. It is only to be tolerated on cereal or with oreos. I can choke down some chocolate milk every once in a while when i'm really high but that's it.
  11. maybe cuz it's suppose to taste nasty? Same way OJ is suppose to taste funky drinking it right after you brushed your teeth.

    I hear milk was made for dunk'n chocolate chips cookies. :D
  12. 2% puss?!?!!?

    im never drinking that nasty shit again
  13. p.s. tool is like... god
  14. sorry i am a dumb spamming bastard, but after i saw 2 little smoking marleys i Had to see three.

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