milk or cereal first?

Discussion in 'General' started by ugeman420, Jul 14, 2003.


Do you put in the cereal or the milk first?

  1. milk

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  2. cereal

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  1. when you all eat cereal, what do you put in the bowl first... the milk or the cereal? i always do the milk first cause sometimes i put in too much cereal so i dont get enough milk.
  2. u put the cereal in first! cus if u put the milk in the it will over flow when u put the cereal in... and u dont know how much milk your gonna need.. so put the cereal in first!
  3. ditto on what smokin said
  4. I put the vodka in first. then the V8
  5. If I put the milk in first, it spills out the other side of the bowl when I'm pouing it. The cereal acts as a baffle to slow the milk down so it doesn't splash out.

    Damn I'm a geek!
  6. Always put cereal in first..........
  7. depends what cereal it is... sometimes with light cereal, it'll shott out of the bowl as it floats on top of the milk....situation dependent.....
    plus i only eat cereal really late at night for some reason....

    and the only time i use regular milk...
  8. haha dis is really fuckin random th cereal 1st
  9. cereal 1st ;) like pot geek said, the milk(or I) don't spill then.
  10. Cereal first....I don't like having a lot of milk in my cereal.
  11. What's all this talk about milk and bowls???

    I find cereal tastes best when you're shoveling it into your face with your hand, straight from the box...

  12. LOL, I do that when I'm poor and out of milk :D
  13. def the cereal first.

    Its like most things. Do you put the drink or the ice in first? Supposed to be the ice. When you make jack and cokes, the whisky and coke go in after the ice.
  14. Cereal first for two reasons. If you put the milk in first, it's quite likely to spill right back out again, plus the cereal would tend to float on top, resulting in less cereal consumption, which is never good.

    The only exception for me is when I wanna heat up the milk for having with cornflakes (damn that's good!). Then you can measure the amount of milk and heat it up in the microwave before any cereal is involved. Try it, you won't regret it!

    (I didn't realise I cared so much)
  15. i'm glad noone put milk first:)
  16. i do milk first

  17. I put the drink in first and then ice unless it's water...then the ice goes first. Why do you mix the Jack and coke? Just take a drink of Jack and then take a drink of coke, turn it in to a never-ending back and forth game and BAM, there you have it...drunk off your ass and you didn't even have to waste a clean glass.

    So....cereal first....always.

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