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Milk as bongwater?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Steezus Christ, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. No i have never tried this and probably wont. But i was wondering that after you used milk as the bongwater, could you drink it and get high? Because thc is fat soluble and milk has fat in it?
  2. the thought of drinking milky bong water is disgusting...
  3. The thought of that makes me want to vomit.
  4. lol yeah i agree with both of you. but do you think it would work??
  5. What would be the point of smoking out of it if all the THC gets absorbed into the milk?
  6. On the other hand, THC milk does sound quite appetizing...
  7. no please dont do this i did it and it amde me vomit
  8. drinking the milk thus getting more thc into your system?
  9. Look at it this way.

    You smoke a couple of bowls through it, some THC remains in the milk and thus, less makes it to your lungs while smoking. So at the end of a session, you're not as high as you would be otherwise, but you have some dirty milk.

    Lets say you drink this foul milk. Assuming you can keep it down, it probably doesn't have nearly enough THC to get you any higher. I mean, look at how much bud goes into edibles, it's not a small amount.

    So unless you were to leave your milk there for an extended period and smoke through it often (disgusting, as the milk would obviously go bad pretty soon), I don't see any way this could possibly be worth it.
  10. THC is fat soluble.

    Put your smoke through it, your THC is going to be dissolved and snatched by the fats in your milk.

    EDIT: Just read you'll be drinking it. Drinking bongwater is baaaad, but I'm a curious guy, so tell me how it goes.

    Just don't put milk in a bong you plan on using again.
  11. AAahhhh, but if you had an ice bong, it would keep longer ;) haha.

    Maybe add some chocolate syrup after emptying the milk into a cup.
  12. There is a finite amount of THC in the bud that you are smoking. By filtering it through milk, you are only getting the THC into your body in a less efficient way. It would also be absolutely disgusting.
  13. Well, assuming THC is fat soluble, just get fat free milk.

  14. no way in hell would i drink it. i was just saying IF SOMEONE were to drink it what would happen, deffinetly not me
  15. Great fuckin idea man +rep
  16. not a good idea unless using a hookah and only using tobacco..... If you want to try it has to be skim milk because 1% and 2% has fat so that will absorb the thc.. the only thing it will really do it make thicker clouds which in order to see you have to exhale almost immediately holding it in any will just mean you get reg smoke
  17. I am a new smoker and i met my first acrylic waterpipe today. I used cold water and ice as the bongwater and the result was amazing... then... i don't know why but i suddenly wanted to try cold milk and ice... of course i did not... It's just interesting...
  18. I kept the same disgusted look on my face as I read through the entire thread. Gross op... gross.
  19. Damnit kids just use fucking water. Seriously I don't see why there are so many threads asking what types of different liquid you can use in bongs.



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